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  1. Create a submix bus (Track/Insert new track/New submix bus) Route the output of your drums tracks to the new submix bus (you can use the routing manager) Then add the effect on the submix bus.
  2. Here normally you should try first to read the user guide and apply what is in 12 - USB audio interface function. And when the driver is installed, just select the Tascam in the Audio setup parameter, Driver system
  3. You should consider the object mode. In normal object mode, the markers don't follow the objects moving.
  4. Don't know about Sequoia, but here is what can be done in Samplitude. Sequoia should be more powerful ? You can save your master effect chain from any project then load this chain in this screen and adjust it. About the target format, here is the screen. It seems that in Samplitude you can do all you ask for. If so, for sure Sequoia can do it !
  5. The markers are "synchronised" if you use an object mode where all the objects on the right of the deleted sound move. In your case use Links all tracks to the right mode.
  6. Import audio files / Option /Load L&R files as stereo.
  7. You can define what is displayed in your objects here
  8. You should use ASIO driver and Mixer FX monitoring/Hybrid Engine mode.
  9. If you search the buttons, you should choose the Power User Workspace on the bottom of the screen to display most of the toolbars and then there is an Auto crossfade mode button and a Snap On/off button.
  10. it depends if you are in multitrack. If you only have one track, the only object under the cursor is splitted even if it's not selected. In multitrack, you have to select the objects to be splitted.
  11. The CD track was imported using the command Import audio CD tracks ? Are all the levels (track, object, master) at 0db ?
  12. Extra ! What software did you use for the video ? Thanks
  13. I missed that Phil ! Bravo pour cette musique pleine de vie et délicatesse. the sound is perfect and the video is great also.
  14. Not exactly what you want to know, but here are somes rules about objects reverb From the manual : "To ensure that reverb does not continue past the fade out, but rather that it breaks off, arrange the object's parameter "Volume" in the FX/routing dialog after the effect." The reverb at the end of an object depend if there is a fade-out or not - If no fade-out the reverb continue after the end of the object, depending of the Payback parameter "Maximum reverb time for objects without fade-out" - If fade-out,the first rule applies
  15. you should use "Link all tracks" or "Link one track" if your moved object are on track 1
  16. Great K. I had only french and now I have Samp in English... like the manual
  17. I closed everything, reopened and now I have the monitoring....
  18. Thanks, Now I can record (I changed the recording mode to normal) I can read my midi object with a Vita instrument But I don't have the monitoring when I record. The monotoring is activated in the transport and for the track ???
  19. Thanks Kraznet. I want to use this Keyboard to begin playing with midi... But sometimes it works and some times no... Now I can't find the keyboard as input divice for my midi track. Why ? I am with Samp X3 suite, latest patch
  20. No... These are three different products. When you buy 2 you will not have the third... And yes, if your can get a crossgrade (look at the conditions here : Crossgrade), you will be able to upgrade next. JMM
  21. I doubt you could run Samplitude in safe mode. Now you have to optimize you PC and find what is (are) the cause(s) of the bad performances. JMM
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