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  1. No Harmony agent in ProX.You can open Producer projects in ProX, but the plugins are different, etc., so you may have to rework EQ or automation and so on.Otherwise it's pretty straightforward upgrading o ProX Greg Thank you Greg.
  2. Is "Harmony Agent" included in Samplitude ProX? Also can Smaplitude Producer projects be opened in Samp ProX? Thanks, Scott
  3. Greg, Thank you for your helpful reply. What hardware do you use to "capture" the video? Scott
  4. What exactly are the video capabilities of Sequoia that Samplitude does not have? For example, what software/hardware would I need in addition to Samplitude that I would not need if I had Sequoia if I want to perform the following tasks: capture video, edit and apply video effects, edit the dialogue, create/edit music synchronized with the video, and burn a DVD of the finished project? Thank you, Scott
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