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  1. Of course we think about this, but there is no actual plan or schedule. It seems that a good connection with score publishing software might offer a better workflow (some users asked for such a solution since they are already familiar with Finale, Sibelius or Capella etc etc) Now which score features do you think you need the most, and what do you plan to use scoring for? BTW can you have braces over systems from different sequences in Logic? Just curious Greetings, Frank Hi Frank, which features? Let's begin with all, overture 4 can do I use scoring often for composing for smaller groups. I love the midi-integration of overture, of which i tested the demo. And i love the audio quality of samplitude. So the best would be both together, but in one workflow, without leaving the application. BTW: Cubase has nice features as well, it seems. Will sam have VST3 soon? Greetings, Johannes
  2. For score publishing, you will still need another application especially for scoring. Samplitude9 is ready for MIDI editing within notation and printing, but certain things for score publishing (slurs, texts, lyrics, dynamics, repeat symbols etc) are not available in Sam yet. But here the MusicXML export will help: you setup the basic score in Samplitude and to the final layout stuff in a special score application. You can export the whole project with all tracks as SMF or individual MIDI objects. Hi Frank, thanks for the quick answer! What does "yet" mean? Are there plans to go in this direction? If so, how long will it take? And is it planned to implement something like "Transform" in logic? I made tests with the dem of 8.11 and was very pleased with the audio cpabilities. But the whole midi thing seems to be far behind Logic, Cubase and Co. Anyway: Just ordered and can't wait... Best regards, Johannes
  3. Hi Frank, until now i use Logic PC 5.51. It has nice notation and also very good midi capabilities, for example humanize and transform functions and so on. But i was also thinking of buying something special, for example Finale or Notion. Would be nice to have these possibilities within sam. Are there plans, how far the development will go in this direction? One more question: Does export smf mean: One track export or a whole score with multi tracks? Thanks and greetings, Johannes
  4. Hi, will there be a midi export function in V. 9 to give the midi tracks to a notation program?
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