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  1. http://forum.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=105123
  2. on the cubase and nuendo forums, there are a lot of guys that say the exact opposite.. (not to say that i don't believe you, just to mention). i personally do not hear a difference between samplitude, reaper and cubase, but my ears have suffered. if these sound differences (that affiandos of every daw claim to hear) would really be true, it would be easy to proof that with blind tests. but there is not one single such scientific test, so i don't believe it. but what i believe is that the placebo effect works wonders, so don't change your opinion..;-)
  3. hi oxy, i would suggest you sell him the product and also give him your registrational data for the customer support area of Music Studio. There either you or him can alter these data to the correct value. that should work. if you have additional questions feel free to contact Magix Customer support directly over this page (you have to log in when you want to mail) => Magix Support English cheers, andy thank you very much for the reply andy; i'll do as suggested! best oxy
  4. hi; am i allowed to sell my samplitude music studio license? since i upgraded to a "big" sequencer i don't use it anymore and would know a guy that's interested in it. and what would i have to do, could i simply uninstall it, sell him my box and then he could register it again or how does such a transfer work? sorry to ask this here, i really tried to search (the form and the magix site) but could not find anything. thanks! best, oxy
  5. hi paul, leider geht das in der version 2008 noch nicht (selbst das übertragen der cps-files aus sam10, wo der alphatrack unterstützt wird, funzt net), aber hier kommt die gute nachricht: in version 2009 wird der alphatrack mit drin sein. cheers, andy Ah, das hört sich interessant an. Was kommt den noch in MS2009? Lass mich raten: - Panning standardmäßig Post VST FX - Sascha's Baby Revolta3 kommt auf die Welt! Eigene Sounds können geladen werden, die Soundpalette ist aber ohnehin nochmal erweitert worden. Man kann den Synth auch in SAM 10 nutzen! Gegen geringen Aufpreis lässt sich der Synth als unversales Plugin freischalten und auch in anderen Hosts verwenden! - Jeweils 6 Bus- und Aux-Kanäle verfügbar (zumindest 5)! - Dual-Core-Unterstützung - GUI von VITA ist von YellowTools überarbeitet worden - "knobs act like faders" wird nun unterstützt! - Mono-Spuren sind jetzt mit an Bord (d.h. Mono-Objekte zusammenkleben ergibt nun auch ein neues MONO-Objekt (nicht wie jetzt ein Stereo-Objekt... was ich als ein sehr merkwürdiges Feature einschätze)! - AUX-Automation ist möglich! - Es wird sofort mit Patch 15.0.2 ausgeliefert, so dass es gleich ohne irgendwelche Macken läuft! Also, wo kann ich bestellen? Ach ja... wann kommt es denn? Gruß Jens
  6. thank you guys for all the answers! hihi, yes, changing the vocalists would be the most simple alternative... but what if that's me hm, seems that, as so often, it comes down to a matter of taste, since your opinions are quite detrimental. for the differences of EA in sam 10 and in the music studio: it's both EA easy and looks exactly the same, but as sam 10 uses better pitchshifting algorithms ("Universal HQ") than the MS 2008 ("normal"), i was wondering whether there are noteable quality differences. thanks again and stay tuned oxy
  7. hi samplitudists; is elastic audio easy the same in samplitude 10 and in samplitude music studio or do they use different algorithms resulting in noticeable differences? eg. if i record a wav with equal settings in samplitude 10 and in ms and then apply the same manipulations in the elastic audio editor, will they sound identical? i ask because i'm thinking of either upgrading to samplitude (but read that there the elastic audio editor seems to be the same) or eventually getting melodyne. thank you very much for some information on this! a nice evening wishes oxy
  8. hi blackthorn; people here are somewhat snobbish (that's normal, because they can afford samplitude ;-) nono, just a joke), usually there are not much answers on the newcomer forum so i'll be a bit provocative so that hopefully others chime in to defend samplitude. IMHO, if you already have logic pro and PT, you really don't need samplitude. the scoring is quite nice and all the sync options to control hardware synths are there, at least in the pro version, but there are several little but severe issues that can drive you crazy; have a look at the samplitude MIDI topic board to get an idea. for example the different engines of samp make it very difficult to find the right buffer settings for everything. it seems that most samp users are straight audio (that's where samp shines) and don't even realize the midi mess. good luck with your decision and a happy new year!
  9. schau dir mal den ersten tip in den "samplitude MIDI topics" an: if MIDI doesn't play. könnte die lösung sein: dein oxygen als midi-controller deaktivieren!?
  10. hi; hast du den MIDI und den R(ecord) button in den spureinstellungen aktiviert? evtl. auch mit den monitoringeinstellungen rumspielen. ausserdem nehme ich an, du hast den MIDI in deinem oxygen und den MIDI out dem zu spielenden instrument zugewiesen? falls das zu basic war: sorry, wollte dich nicht beleidigen, nur mal um das grundlegende auszuschliessen.. grüsse oxy
  11. hallihallo liebe magixianer; während der take-manager für audio-takes tadellos funktioniert, werden midi-takes im take-manager nicht angezeigt. ist das eine normale einschränkung im music studio oder sollte der manager dort auch für midi-takes zur verfügung stehen (wenn ja, wie tue ich ihn einschalten?)? vielen dank für ein bisschen hilfe oxy
  12. hi moon and greg; thank you for the replies! for the ears: hoooray, it's not as bad, it's recovering - i'm so happy!!! for the effects: i know that they are superb, i was just wondering whether the effect SETTING (presets) are useful in the sense of that one could learn from them (for example if an audio engineer would use similar ratio/treshold settings for compression of drum tracks as they are given in the "drum" preset)? have a nice evening oxy
  13. Hallihallo Magixianer; Der "liebe Mensch" dort hat leider auf meine diesbezügliche E-mail-anfrage nicht reagiert (eine Woche lang keine Antwort). Heisst das ich habe meine Chancen verspielt, weil ich ab und zu kritische Bemerkungen zum Music Studio gepostet habe?.. Nein, im Ernst: was könnte ich sonst tun? Liebe Grüsse Oxy
  14. sorry if this question seems stupid, i'm just a hobby musician that would like to start to learn more about (pre) mastering etc. are the track effects presets (eq, dynamics etc.) given for the different applications (instruments, voice etc.) any good / do they make sense (would audio engineers use similar settings e.g. for compression), so that i could learn from them or - even better - actually simply use them if the ear says yes? and the same goes for amphibia / amp track etc.? thank you! (i'm back from the doctor from an ear investigation, and from what i heard, it's probably not the best idea to trust my ears but to follow some guideline numbers.. i do not seem to hear anything above 8 khz anymore, f..k, and i'm still young and do not make techno)
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