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  1. Id contact CS at this point, seems your activation isent working properly. And more important, i really hope the next ME turns out better than the previous one ;-)
  2. Are you saying that your stock Magix Samplitude plugins are running in trial mode or did you mean your 3rd party plugins?
  3. A mini drop-down menu (like the save button has) for the crossfade on/off button perhaps?
  4. Give a subscribe too if you feel like... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pc4Bw2oMufs
  5. -Modular? I think you are asking for Samplitude to become a complete mess. -EQ1176 sounds very good IMO, it just lacks a sexy GUI. -I'd rather get a faster i7 then having Magix spend time working on Samplitude running on different architectures. Reserve your UAD for plugins. TBH, pretty crazy suggestions
  6. For ProX3 i'd like: Less clutter/"lines" in the VIP window, like the universal mouse mode "horizontal" line, diagonal "lock" line etc. ARA Extended VST3 Audiowarp Manage AQ-markers from VIP DDP export for Samplitude/Suite Dockable mixer
  7. Tim, I remember earlier you wrote there was a new Product Manager for Samplitude/Sequoia with some new exiting strategies, wanna elaborate on that? I dont plan on switching to Reaper anytime soon btw, nulling or not, Sam workflow is superfast over here...
  8. Every single Mac user I know run Logix X, all Windows users I know runs Reaper or Cubase here in Norway. No-one here knows what Samplitude/Sequoia is. Im curous as to how v13 will price itself compared to Cubase, Studio One and Sonar. Reaper and LogicX is so cheap I don't see the reason to compare price with them. I certanly hope the Magix marketing dept. will make an effort to get v13 out there, for real! I feel slightly akward as all my clients tell me they've never heard about the software I use. Im that "wierdo" running Windows 8 and some exotic DAW.. hehe.
  9. This plugin should be have been named "Eventide Agressor Channel".
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