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  1. Do you still have those cool Skin files I could mess with?  Love that look!  Thanks!

  2. Si necesitas ayuda con los skins, o necesitas beta testers, cuenta conmigo, tanto en proX como sequoia . . .

    Tengo bastante conocimiento sobre el lenguaje de skins de samplitude, aunque desafortunadamente, no tengo mucho tiempo, asi que me he limitado a comprar las birdline y modificarlas personalmente a mi gusto.

    Un saludo!

  3. I was a registered user for samplitude 9 (classic) and in the update magix sendme sequoia box with disk and manuals, in the second try 10 pro . . . and few after days the 10 . . . I have now a lot of boxes wait for the dongle, call to 3 or 4 phones . . . and maybe magix sends a . . . .
  4. this have no sense . . . am- ... are your plugins, and for you always be better my child always be better than others I can put my hands in the eras and repeat 1246 times (for me) algorithmix are the best, algorithmix are the best ,algorithmix are the best ,algorithmix are the best ,algorithmix are the best ,algorithmix are the best ,algorithmix are the best ,algorithmix are the best ,algorithmix are the best ,algorithmix are the best ,algorithmix are the best But i have chose sonalksis eq in master, because algorithmix bla bla bla bla, so perfect, so . . . . . of course one plugin can work for a person, for a group of persons (beta testers) . . . but if a plugin (or a program) is good or not, if work or not . . . in this days, is easy: Open your mind and look at your side . . . Cubase : 7743 Protools 3302 Samplitude 232 (source: http://www.hispasonic.com/comunidad/?sid=d...08d15d675be765) Of course, i use samplitude and hate protools LE , but i do not sell samplitude to the people. Am-track (none found) (what the hell is am-track?) Vintage warmer 438 found (30 pages) (source: http://www.hispasonic.com/comunidad/search.php but u cant repeat test in kvraudio, etc etc . . .) Popular is good? no, of course . . . popular= not all the world have your vision or the vision on this forum. why magix plugins are not popular, and the people do not have your wonderful point of view??? of course, because all of us are a little stupid and choose opel and not mercedes. Magix plugins have the cost of mercedes and works poor than opel. This is the question. ARE GOOD PLUGINS But people wants more. remember: Most of the people can not make the "bob katz" wheather man experiment on tv . . . pffff is not important or relevant if you can make variations in that file, i make this 3 files in 3 minutes. am-plugins is like metal zone from boss. . . lots of variations, but none is usefull. And most of the people do not spend more time in test your vst or a pedal in a shop. Its sad, but is real. ...but, this it is your (and magix) sales problem, not me. (i never have been used the insert effects or vst from magix) if i need a channel eq, i go to roger nichols detailer. (i always try to make eq on hardware) if i need a compresor, go to waves if i need eco, go to waves if i need chorus, go to free kjaerhus chorus (not corvex or waves stomp) Ecox and corvex is like a "bee" in my head, always making the same unatural and bored sound. Oh, yessss . . . the old tapes in 70's mixers are so funny . . . ha ha ha ha like i said at top: No sense discussion.
  5. "Understand, I love the 'classic' Lex sound, but pantheon.... you must be joking. The newer, smaller Lex devices don't play in the same league as the algos they are famous for." - No i am not joking. I make money recording bands, and each minute is money. Variverb PRO (the best one from samplitude pro is installed in the main DAW) and belive, my drummer does not have time to investigate aldorithms bla bla bla . . . he wants results, speedly. We have csr too, and csr of course, is nice, and complex. He can play a lot with reverbs in his free time, and make a patch, or 2 o 3 patchs, but if need a modification, is a 30 minutes modification in real time, and he does not have this time to play (paying other). Kjaerhus free reverb is not good, is for childs, speedly, but for childs . . . Pantheon is only a 890Kbs reverb, but makes the works fine (we do not like the short color options, but . . . pfffff) SPEDDLY, chose one preset and make a mix between dry and wet . NO MORE OPTIONS. we do not have time to put reverbs in voices or guitars, voice have a rack with tc electronic, and is recorded with real hardware reverb in real time. No spend time in test lots of reverbs and presets . . . WE ARE NOT A BIG STUDIO WITH LOTS OF MONEY (like most studios) All instruments have racks and real things because is more cheap for uor clients a delay pedal from behringer (17 eur.) than 1 hour of trying presets with ecox (20 eur.) (of course behringer pedal soud horrible, but that is not the question) And when i am sitting in front of daw to make a first mix, i need to choose the best vst, but thinking in the 6 other mix for that day . . . I always need a hotter vst for drum mixes. (we have mercury package from waves like first "munition") is a shame for waves, but do not have something like psp vintage warmer, and the times we try to use "your plugins" always get hot . . but fat, low and sub low frecuencies (in kick) dissapear. this are only words, but this is the real life: sample with am-pulse (lots ofh highs and hisss, no control for low frecuencies) http://www.ntstudios.es/samp/ampulse.mp3 sample with psp vintage warmer (the classic option) http://www.ntstudios.es/samp/psp.mp3 There is a free vst in kvr called "crown preamp emulator" with only 2 buttons that sonds better in drums (ALWAYS FOR ME) http://www.ntstudios.es/samp/crown.mp3 With reverbs happens the same . . . variverb is like a MATHEMATIC reberv, so many operations and options . . . . maybe is usefull to a competition with waves reverbs to se with is more complex (like impulse responses . . . ha ha ha) No, i do not have time to go inside a cathedrall and recor my favourite response and apply after 2 weeks. I have a drummer sittin in a drum and need a good reberv inside the mix. And always the people choice presets from pantheon, and csr . . . Is the true . . . and is sad, because i am the first that need a compact daw and i do not want spend money and time from here an there tryng now this, and that . . . pffff. . . . Repeat. Magix vst are fine, good . . . . but for our studio are not suitables.
  6. I AGREE Vst from magix are good, not very good. Simply good. Variverb -for example- is a good reverb, but the little pantheon.dll (free vst on lexicon audio cards) work with no lexicon cards (works in my m-audio 10-10) do not have so many options, but sounds more natural for me, have more AIR . . . You can use am-xxxxx to try to imitate vintage warmer from psp (this is a real fiasco) and psp works in any daw. all robotas, vitas, etc etc in samplitude 2008 are simply good, but are not vst, or vsti, only work in 2008 version, not in se or pro versions. Is SO DIFFICULT MAKE A SIMPLY VST for magix developers hahahahaha No, the problem are the f**** chiefs of the developers.
  7. magix will send-me v10 soon. -------------------------------- From: Jörg Schedlinski To: 'Abel nT' Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 5:53 PM Subject: AW: upgrade error Thank you. As soon as Samplitude 10 is available, we will ship the free update to you best regards Mit freundlichen Grüßen, MAGIX AG Jörg Schedlinski
  8. so what now??? i'm really really confused and i do not understand the policy of not giving clear answers. PLEASE GIVE ME - AND MANY POTENTIAL USERS - SOME CLEAR ANSWERS ------------- do NOT BUY ms2008 if you need the real samplitude. do NOT BUY ms2008 if you need REAL compatibility. ms2008 is a totally joke. Samplitude 8 or 9SE have much better sound. -ligh years ms2008 is like a small car with big "turbo" stick in the window, and horrible v10 tunning.... if you need to compose space invaders themes for you phone, buy ms2008. if you play "guitar air" and u want record-it, buy ms2008 i do not buy ms2008 for other reasons IS THIS CLEAR?
  9. oh, serious? ha ha But i was buying a upgrade program from a SPANISH program in a spanish web (www.magix.es) maybe if i pay to magix.ES Magix needs suport this program. I see a lot of topics in spanish forums waiting for a spanish version, and all people do not buy samplitude because is not in spanish. BUT I DO NO WANT A SPANISH VERSION, traductions from magix are HORRIBLEs . I do not want nothing . . . Its only a dream . . . with samplitude someday beign a normal program n ot a speciall program with a handwrited manual in morse and surprises not normals all the days.
  10. Ypo *do* get full support with Samplitude - you just have to have a registered copy first. official support page from magix does not have any produt called samplitude http://support.magix.net/magix_relaunch/ph...est〈=uk (only samplitude se) And i have already registered a copy of 9
  11. I choose upgrade ONLINE to V10 from ms2008 (in menu help of ms2008) where i can see a CLEAR logo with UPGRADE V10. Pay . . . And now receive V9 classic? Whant can i make now?? of course i make the upgrade when in samplitude.com v10 was avalible.
  12. right now i have received the classic 9 magix is so funny . . . .
  13. i never saw an option to drag the grid . . . . Sometimes i can need make a hotsopt to align specials waves. . . . but normally, the musicians play accord the time. (well... that are my desires ha ha ha) I can not think in my mind a situation when musicians record and after this i will need acomodate the time. . . . is not very pro. I saw functions like this on ableton live . . . and programs for nintendo, pocketpc or psp. Maybe you are try'ng to make music with samplitude. . . and of course is possibe, but i think in samplitude like a software to record music not to make music. A lot of times, we bounce files from cubase , reason or live to a samplitude project . . . To create music is not the same to record music. Lots of people making music, but only a few persons record music . . . maybe for this reason, samplitude is not very popular. And maybe the error from magix is try to make a program to make music with samplitude engine. I can not think in a song with robota rythm (only for kraftwerk) , and midi in samplitude is not nice yet. Try rewire with reason ot to take control with behringer midi controller . . . . uffffa!! do you need dragg the grid? well . . .then i want to make flowers with grid . . . (it is more nice) to have more options is not equal to have the best program. The first thing when i try cubase was: WHERE IS MY SOUND??? I know each bit of my sound, sometimes i put names to these bits . . . and i do no want a program that kill my little baby bits, and give another similar baby bits. of course, my help is not nice help.
  14. we have registered 1 copy of 8.3 pro version , 2 copies 8.3 se versions, 2 copies 9.1se versions , 1 copy ms2007 and 1 copy ms2008. Probably this month we will registered 2 v10 and 1 v10 pro . In my laptop i will use one copy of v10, another copy to drumm team, and v10 pro for the workstation. se for other laptops, and ms 2007/2008 will be a gift for friends i never like the classic/pro in my laptop, because i only have 1 usb, and dongle kill-me, but i will tryin to run codemeter from our wifi network when i am working here in the studio. In home i will need my codemeter attached to my a**
  15. this morning i ordered the first samplitude from menu UPDATE TO SAMPLITUDE 10 from ms2008 this opens a page with offers discount on 9 versions. Click on 9 classic go to a page with v10 click on buy and giveme a billing like this: Item: Upgr. SE to Samplitude 9 Classic UPC Code: ART401721858****-SEC Item Price: €374.00 Quantity: 1 se to samplitude 9 classic? what the hell!! Go to suport by email: http://support.magix.net/magix_relaunch/ph...est〈=uk Nice, there is not supprt for samplitude, only samplitude SE have supported e-mail by magix. And now? Again wait for surprises from magix?
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