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  1. What kind of track are you scanning? Drums or a full music mix? Remix agent is old, and hasn't really been updated in a while. I wish Magix would 'finish' it. It has a lot of problems with odd time signatures... Anyways, in your case there may be some other transients that it has problems detecting due to other instrumentation in the mix. Nevertheless if you're using ProX, then you can probably turn on the tempo map and adjust the tempo there. Also, what are your buffer settings? G
  2. No they didn't. Take Manager and Take Composer are still there. Open up a new manager window under View>Manager>Take Manager Greg p.s. sorry Moon - forgot that I'm using ProX . Haven't installed MX version yet, so can't check for the TM.
  3. MX was just released, but it appears Magix web-designer is behind schedule Greg
  4. What happens when you switch mouse-modes? Have you tried removing the range? Greg
  5. This has been requested on/off for years now. I also use colors since it helps see things from a distance - but you have to remember what your color-scheme means, and some people have issues with color-blindness, so.... It would be nice. I'm also testing using different font-sizes for the track name marquee... It might also be cool to be able to assign different gradient patterns to the track colors. Maybe I'll re-post this to the beta team . Greg
  6. For now just save off a trackFX preset and load it on the new channel. It's a fast setup. You can even stack VSTis with VST effects. Drag-n-drop copy (like ctrl+drag to new channel) doesn't usually work on VST's. Greg
  7. Where are you loading your track effects? Have you tried using aux channels for effects? Greg
  8. I needed an audio editor to master some MIDI tracks that I had done way back in the Atari Notator days. I discovered Samplitude V4.something back in the Sek'd days (still have the floppy disks somewhere), and the rest is history. I've dabbled in many other DAWs over the years, (and spent a ton of time in PT-based, or Nuendo-based, or Cubase-based, or DP-based studios), but have always kept Samplitude in my arsenal of tricks Greg
  9. Birdline has a skin designer tool. Greg
  10. I've done several Samplitude-based articles for RECORDING magazine, but no ads or other Magix support at all. But nevertheless they gave me the space to cover some items-of-interest. But when I see an issue of Future Music with 'Ultimate DAW Tips' throughout the them of the mag, and not even one mention (that I could find) of Samplitude or even Sequoia (for mastering), it kinda bums me out. Nevertheless I guess I've grown to appreciate the more 'underground' vibe of Samplitude over all these years within the insane DAW marketplace filled with upstarts like Cockos/Reaper, and even Bidule or MixCraft. Greg
  11. If you've drag-n-dropped or opened the wav file raw, then all you need to do is: Leave the wave edit window open. Open a new raw VIP. Hit enter key to tile both windows. In wav edit window hit 'a' key to highlight all, and then just drag the wav into a VIP track. Have fun, Greg
  12. You can try freezing the track, and it should generate an audio track. The other option is to do a mixdown (in help and manual). Also read up on 'monitoring during playback'. Make sure when recording that the track you're recording on is not sharing the same I/O track as the other playback tracks. Greg
  13. Which synth? Some VSTi's do not automate very well. Anyways, you could start with Kraznet's video on automation here. Maybe you missed a step? The 'automate next parameter' should work - although I'm not sure if Producer has all the automation features that Pro has. Greg
  14. Stability has never been an issue unless you're using the occasional bazaar poorly programmed plugin. Anyways - a lot of advancements in quantization and score. Better handling of multi I/O synths and ROMplers IMO better handling of external synths. A lot has happened over the years. You can always download the V11 demo and test it yourself. Greg
  15. Magix emails you the registration, and/or you can check on your Magix registration page on the website. Also, this is the Samplitude forum. There's another dedicated Movie Edit Pro forum that you can use. Greg
  16. Also try ASIO4ALL as an optional driver to see if there is something going on with the hardware driver. Is EZ sample library on same drive as Samplitude? All redundant background processes turned off? Greg
  17. Try switching to software monitoring. For recording EZdrummer, make sure monitoring is turned on in the EZ channel track for recording. Try adjusting buffer settings. Greg
  18. Yes, I use one occasionally for remote recording gigs. You'll need to use the editor to map the controls anyway you want, but it does work. Greg
  19. 11.1.1 Thank you. Can you tell how to download this patch? I'm registered owner of 11 Pro and therefore don't have standard patch available to download on my support page. I do not know. It should be under the download tab on your registration page. Greg
  20. If you're in the US, try calling Florida Music and see if they still have some on the shelf. Greg
  21. Try installing it as administrator on the (x86) side. Greg
  22. You can solo each track individually in MM and export out a wav files that can be drag-n-dropped into Samplitude. Greg
  23. You can't open .mmm project files in Samplitude, but you CAN render out your individual tracks in Music Maker and load them in Samplitude. Most of the soundpools work, but Samplitude doesn't see the 'harmony' information that's embedded in some of the Music Maker loops. Yes, you should just download the Samplitude demo and see how it runs on your system. This would also help you disqualify whether or not there is some conflict on your system that causes the crashes. Greg
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