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  1. Note that the workflow in other hosts MAY create habits that will actually slow you down in Samplitude! I find that I can work MUCH faster in Samp. - especially with custom hotkey functionality. Also, the synthax skins kick ass! Greg
  2. No issues here with the dongle on two machines. I haven't tried networking the dongle yet. I HAVE hot-installed the dongle while machines are running, but usually proactively use the stupid Windows hardware removal button to tell stupid Windows that I'm taking it out. Glad you got it sorted out. The Scope / Samplitude marriage is unique because of all the extra routing configurations available inside Scope. It gets confusing at times, but the flexibility is awesome. Greg
  3. I don't think there are plans to support MFX. Currently I don't think it's possible to see multiple MIDI parts, but it's coming soon in an upcoming update (I hope - big request). Greg
  4. Mr. Arkadin, Did my reply over at the KVR forum help you? Greg
  5. In my experience, MEP 11 has NO sync. capability, and MEP10 only had it with the add-on extension feature that Magix sold separately for a brief time. I'm still investigating whether or not there is even a way to do it via MTC. As it is, MEP, for the price, is a great video editor, and it already includes a 'Samplitude lite' audio editing engine anyways, so why not just take the extra step and migrate 'basic' video functionality into Samp.? It would be NICE if Magix worked this out so that my friends at the high-end studios in LA and San Diego (currently Protools and Nuendo for commercial video production) can see what Samplitude is really capable of. I'll poke around on the Video Deluxe and MEP forums to see if anyone has really worked this out or not. Greg
  6. When I received Samp. 9, the package also included Magix Movie Edit Pro 11. I'm still doing trials, but since MEP is the video editor, I'm testing going back and forth. Their Video Deluxe 10 had an 'audio extension' sync. feature for linking the two apps, but I could never really get it to sync. correctly. (Probably my system more than the apps.). So, with seemless audio editing between the apps. (rather than just monitoring the video inside Samplitude), THEN we're talking about a mighty powerful application. Maybe Samplitude X (in two years?) will be a full blown merger between MEP, Video Deluxe and Samplitude Pro. ??? Greg
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