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  1. Since presumably the drum MIDI channel is all the same (i.e. channel 10), then the 'Demix MIDI objects by MIDI channels (under MIDI menu) will not make any difference, but I've sometimes cloned the MIDI drum sequence to a new track and simply deleted everything BUT snares, or kick, etc.

    Then, yes it's just a matter of pointing the audio channels to whatever I/O you desire.

    I prefer to start out with all drums on one MIDI track with separate audio, and then just edit whichever drums I want in the MIDI editor.

    If you're recording one instrument at a time, then it's easier just to use separate tracks.


    p.s. note to Frank - I wish there was a way to re-merge MIDI files (preferably by even drag-n-drop) similar to Demix - such as 'Remix'. In the event that I have to offload MIDI tracks to a collaborator or producer that is using another host, it is much easier to just send them one MIDI file.

  2. You're in luck. New distribution out of Toronto.

    MAGIX North America office in Toronto.

    The company gives further details in this press release:


    For sales contact please refer to the details given on this website


    You will find all support contact details here:



  3. hey guys

    i have samplitude 10 and i seen it said number of vsti's 8. Why is it only 8? is there a way i can add more some how? also i just have a soundcard that already came with my laptop.

    V11 is imminent release in US, and is already released in Germany.

    Yes, depending on where you're located, you should just go to the Samplitude.com website and see who you your local distributor is.

    Check for crossgrade deals if you're already using another host, or just see if there's any upgrade deals going on.


  4. Im working on this project for a friend of mine and everything is going good but there is one problem i need to use more than 8 vsts and it won't let me like i have a 16 channels up and for some reason i only can use 8 vsts out of 16 channels? can someone help me. thanks

    Which version of Samplitude do you have?

    How many ASIO channels do you have setup on your soundcard?


  5. Hey Bill95,

    Here's how to check each of those options:

    Asio driver system:

    Press the Y key on your keyboard to open the System Options dialog box

    Select Audio System (on the left hand side) and then choose ASIO (on the right hand side) and select your sound card from the drop down list.

    Asio software monitoring or Fx monitoring:

    Select the Play/Rec menu, then go to Monitoring and make sure Mixer FX Monitoring / Hybrid Engine is checked.

    Input monitoring (Rec M):

    This option is also in the same menu as the last one.

    Play/Rec --> Monitoring and make sure Input Monitoring is checked.

    That should do it. :blink:


    Thanks so much man it works! :). I have one thing I can't seem to understand is on the master channel I wanna add a plugin like waves or ozone 4 do u know how to add it to the master channel?

    hit 'm' key to open mixer, and add them in the insert slots on the master channel.


  6. Hello,

    I am having a problem with previewing midi files in the file manager, i've just got a ton of midi drum loops which i need to preview in a quick and easy way, but using the manager only plays the first note in the file and there seems to be no other way i can do this within samplitude ?, any ideas ?



    What is your default MIDI instrument set for?


    Hi Greg,

    Just got the updates which fixed the problem


    OK, good.


  7. Hello,

    I am having a problem with previewing midi files in the file manager, i've just got a ton of midi drum loops which i need to preview in a quick and easy way, but using the manager only plays the first note in the file and there seems to be no other way i can do this within samplitude ?, any ideas ?



    What is your default MIDI instrument set for?


  8. Hi

    Recently installed Sam 10 SE all was working as expected.

    Had to reinstall Windows XP, after installing Sam 10 SE and Music Studio 15 I'm now getting ASIO 2.0 not loading on startup of programs.


    I can load the ASIO drivers from within the program it's just that it doesn't load on startup

    Uninstalled.... reinstalled drivers etc still no joy.

    Any help appreciated.

    Brian Cadoret

    It's the plugin that failed to load.

    Try rescanning your VST folder...


  9. I admit my experience setting up automation in Ableton Live vs. Samplitude tells me that Samplitude still needs some work in this area (as far as simplicity), but is yes very good now. It's more flexible in Samplitude, with more options vs. the dirt-easy way of setting it up in Live - so it's a matter of preference.

    I have setup automation using an older Yamaha 01Vx96 mixer (that I'm admittedly still tweaking because it's underutilized), and an Oxygen 49, which is very easy to setup in Live, but also has other limitations in scope.


  10. There's a 3rd party 'dirty' analogish delay line that can do this (can't remember the name), but Sascha's right, that if you even emulate deteriorating delay, that I think the digital realm is too clean for this.

    What Reaper does is use an aux send to trick the app. into routing back into the host channel. I think this could be done very easily in Samplitude. I'll have to try it :angry:


  11. Specifically I am trying to use a midi plugin called Chordspace (press a key on the keyboard and it plays a chord) to play Sylenth VST. Chordspace shows up as a VSTi and I cant see a way to have 2 VSTi on the same track. I can either have Chordspace (which makes no sounds of its own) or Sylenth but not both. I have a feeling there is a way to do it in Samplitude but not in the way it would be done in other sequencers (Reaper places no restrictions on the amount of VSTis you can have in a track so i just have Chordspace followed by Sylenth). Any ideas?

    You can have multiple VST's on the same track, just not chorders like Chordspace (which I've tested). Chordspace is aware of it, and I also posted to Magix about it a couple months ago.

    I DID get Improvisator to work, but only by pointing it's channel output to a synth on a neighboring channel - which isn't that much of a hassle, and lets you freeze the channel output of the synth anyways.

    Chordspace doesn't work the same as Improvisator, so it's partially a Chordspace issue, and partially a Samplitude channel routing issue.

    If you REALLY need both on the same channel, then maybe try using MIDI-OX - but I think that is overkill.

    MAYBE V11 will have this inline-MIDI routing worked out for such chorder plugins as Chordspace. We'll see...


  12. Yes, you can unglue objects.

    In autocrossfade mode you should be able to use the alt+slide object corners (or crossfade nodes) and the crossfade will migrate as you slide it across the track (or widen the crossfade region if desired).

    If this isn't working, then try using object-mouse mode.

    The Audio Quantizing DOES work, but still needs some refinement. :angry:


  13. OK, great to hear.

    Just tried loading veriverb into Reaper 3 and it worked ok. Didn't try scanning VST's though.

    Friend using Cubase 5 (considering Samplitude) - veriverb crashes on VST scan and when eventually importing it, it supposedly crashes when knob-fiddling and other adjustments.

    I also tested them in Ableton Live 8, and didn't see get any crashes or errors.

    Nevertheless happy to hear (and experience) how things are progressing.



  14. One way to start is to load up some of the template VIP's and reverse-engineer them.

    Then just drop down some objects and hack away at them and try hotkeys and whatever commands to see what happens. Part of the problem sometimes is the terminology vs. paradigm, vs. German/English translation (or whatever).

    Then try out different mouse modes.

    Doing the otherwise basic stuff will reveal other things.

    Yes, the manual has much to be desired, and the videos require fast-forwarding or whatever to find out what you want.

    When I started with this crazy program there were no videos, and the manual was borderline worthless, so, if I had had any I would've played them, paused them, etc. until I got used to basic operations.

    Things get crazy when you start hotkeying your way through sequential step operations that you find yourself doing a lot, like laying down markers on the fly, dropping in hotspots, moving objects to those hotspots, then setting up groups and busses, and then the take manager and take composer, and then, and then, and then...

    so, keep jumpin' in and screaming at the damn thing, and some of us may hear you. ;)


  15. yeah...wow...jumpin' in big-time, this is good stuff (although obviously frustrating getting used to the paradigm).

    All the zoom craziness and such can be hotkeyed to your habits or preferences.

    There have been requests for options many ways (cursor in place, cursor migrate, cursor take priority, etc.), so I presume they're looking at putting switches in.

    I'm so friggin' used to doing it the way it was designed to work from the onset, that I just work that way because I really don't know any better.

    Plus, I span the entire VIP across 3 monitors ('cause I'm crazy that way), so that the cursor can do whatever it wants and it won't fly tracks back and forth to a centralized 'ergonomic' position - which is my preference so I don't have to search for the cursor. Obviously if I'm working on a laptop, then it's a whole other game.

    Not sure about the mousewheel settings - although it may vary by manufacturer, and I seem to recall a request a while back for an .ini setting that would change the step, but I can't remember if/where there was a solution. You can try holding ctrl or shift key whilst wheeling and see if there is a tighter 'step' or no step resolution.

    Hang in there, and it will all suddenly hit you soon enough that Samplitude just may be 'the one' ;)


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