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  1. Where we at with DDP export in Samp Pro 11 ?
  2. Hello, What would I gain if I buy a Madi HDSPe PCIe vs. getting a HDSP PCI when running Samp10 and a Dell XPS, Quad Core & Vista? PCIe Thank you!
  3. Why is it that Remix Agent shows Quarter notes when editing, but only slices up the loop to ONE bar? (i have the demo version)
  4. I'll dig more into it today.... Thanks
  5. Hey there, Trying out the 9,0 demo. I'm a hardcore Protools guy. Why is the 'Remix Agent' minimum duration 15 sec? Most often I throw in a 1 or 2 bar loop. RA won't accept this.... Is it a demo thingy? Plus you NEED! audio quantize Cheers, L
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