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  1. Hi again, I actually would skip the RAID in your situation. A seperate drive for your operating system/programs and a seperate drive for what you are recording/playing back will be best in my opinion. (When you say "music library" are you talking for iPOD/mp3s etc? ;-) I'd get that setup and then if the problems show up again take a look at your hard drive and CPU performnce like Sebastian suggested. Try to determine if it's one or the other or both that is getting bogged down. Don't forget to defrag your hard drives too.
  2. hi Rob, Some questions for you: What operating system? (XP, Vista or?) What sound card / audio interface? (the integrated audio, the optional Soundblaster or?) Are the two hard drives configured as a RAID 0 or 1 or are they just seperate drives? If they are seperate drives, are you recording/playing back from the drive that has the operating system on it (C: drive) or from the other drive? best of luck!
  3. Jamie and Bob, Did you ever get this resolved???
  4. Hi Richie, See this thread for help getting on the main Samplitude forum : http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...showtopic=12130 Best of luck with your new setup! I'm also a former SX3 user (I used Cubase since VST5). Unfortunately I landed in the middle of an issue with Lynx and RME AES based interface cards and Samplitude (I have the Lynx AES16 card) I don't think there have been any problem reports from users of any other interfaces so no need for you to worry!
  5. hi Jamie, Sorry I didn't get around to testing this until now. It seems to work correctly for me here as in : drop frame SMPTE timecode drops frame numbers 0 and 1 of the first second of every minute, and includes them when the number of minutes is divisible by ten. I'm using Samplitude version 9.1.1 and tested with the default skins. What version are you using and what skins? And hi Bob! What version are you using etc?
  6. Hi Jamie, I'm surprized no one has responded to you yet. I'll try to take a look at this tommorow or maybe monday . . . . Either the 'math' is wrong and it's dropping one to many or it may be that the display isn't getting refreshed enough by the code and it only "looks" like it's dropping too many.
  7. Besides what's in the signature I have a parallel port version MOTU MTP AV. It was always finiky in Cubase SX and it already has been in annoying with Samp9. I actually haven't done ANY real MIDI work with SAMP yet, but my MTPAV has a tendancy to 'disappear' and I have to restart the interface or reboot to get it going again. I'm looking at either getting : MOTU MTP AV USB (or the model that is the next step down) ESI Miditerminal M8U (I read this is the one the Samp MIDI developer has ) MidiSport 8x8 9discontinued??)
  8. Applications need to be designed to take advantage of secondary and beyond processors. Samplitude handles and takes advantage of up to 4 cores/processors I believe. Just FYI : 2CPU.com is a good generalized forum for learning/discussion of multiple processors (dual and quad core too) and related hardware etc. http://forums.2cpu.com/
  9. Page 7 of the manual states that the USB drivers must be installed first and page 10 has some USB trouble shooting tips! Was Samplitude setup correctly for MIDI? In the Options menu select System/Audio (or just press the 'Y' key. ) Then click the MIDI item in the tree and set the Global Recording Dev : Don't forget to set the Global Play device correctly too. Then with some luck all you will have to worry about is MIDI channels. There are basically 16 MIDI channels available. You need to make sure your keyboard is transmitting the same MIDI channel you are trying to record/play. Also, make sure your synth is set to receive the same MIDI channel. Please feel free to give more details about what you have tried and ask more questions. Best of luck!
  10. Allright. Let's set the record straight, so we can move on. - last thursday i came here, and as a registered Sequoia 9.X user, i registered here as well, logged in (succesfully) and tried to post. No luck. Thinking as with some 'boards (and i've belonged to DOZENS of them! dating back to when Emagic was German and Steve Jobs was counting OS's in single digits) i might have to be 'approved' or 'processed' in some way, i waited till the following morning (this is Los Angeles). - friday, still no luck. I had my password reset (or resent, should i say) and still no luck. I had noticed that there was a Pinned post for people not being able to post.. which to me suggests this is a known problem! As a matter of fact, the only reply to my post there was from another member not able to post!! - i read the post, twice, sent the PM, the email and posted elsewhere, yes- angrily. at this point i am aware of the 'weekend hole' and the fact that this probably will not get resolved till monday (today). - so today i get an email back saying 'you should be good to go' in a nutshell.. and further: if this does not work, try deleting your browser's cookies, closing all instances of it, quitting, restarting etc etc. Oddly enough, i am now able to post, it seems, and the cookies were not an issue. - my problem is this: if there is a possible workaround, i.e. deleting cookies, restarting, clearing the cache, whatever.. WHY is that information that is treated like some sort of secret?? Would it not make sense to have that information in the Pinned thread??? Really?? I've never had any problems with any of the boards i've belonged to.. and maybe that's just luck. I don't pretend to know the logistics of running a board like this, but maybe it's time for an update? Husky PS - Yes, i am aware and greatful of the fact that there are helpful people here. Which is why i'm here. I've had lots of problems, but also a lot of solutions, and i am eager to share. Hi Husky, Sorry to have added to your frustration. Just so you know where I was coming from I had been working all weekend myself on a series of upgrades and of course, all of them didn't go as smoothly as I would of liked (I needed to get more done than I did! ) Anyway, I was on this forum looking for an answer or two of my own and I noticed your big block of repeated text posted in not one but two different places and that you hadn't made many posts yet so you were fairly new here (like me! ) so, assuming that you were here just dinking around, I took an oportunity to project on to you and vent off a little of my own frustrations. Hopefully just data stream under the PCI bridge, No hard feeling here!
  11. You've probably already seen this but just in case . . . . It looks like there might of been a similar problem that was fixed last year for Cubase and Nuendo. Maybe it's a related issue?? August 02, 2006 - Altiverb 5.4.6 for Mac OS X & Windows XP, all versions updated[VST] fixed IR recall in mono to mono versions when used in Cubase and Nuendo. Best of luck with you problem.
  12. No, mr. Rice. My reason for wanting to post on the "SUPPORT" forum, is to bring to the table, some of the issues i've had with Sequoia, and hopefully find like minds (not like your's) that are interested in not only sharing problems, but also solutions to the several problems that can come up working on an all digital platform. Frankly, i find it unacceptable that with a $3000 program, the 'HELP' forum (the place to report BUGS) is so buggy that one can't POST. If this if OK with you, then fine. Just remember to keep it to yourself, as i'm not in this as a hobbyist. I'm not here to spam anyone. I'm not here to browse I'm here to solve problems so i can get WORK done. I need this app to work. If that's funny to you.. then fine. if that's cute to you, then ok Just don't try to pretend to know where i'm coming from, or what my intent is. So, how's that hypocritical attitude been workin' out for you? And sorry man, I guess I should of recognized your first post as one from a serious 'pro' not a hobbyist . . .
  13. . . . uuuhhhmmm . . . is the reason you oh so desperately want to be able to post to the other forums just your twisted need to spam them with massive blocks of repeated text too???
  14. I haven't tried it yet in Samp but to be fair, I thought it was a pain to figure out how to do it in Cubase SX. Even after I learned to do it I had to "re-figure it out" every time because it just didn't seem intuitive to me. And I'm no dummy, except for when it comes to women . . . . and finances . . . .and planning . . . . .and sleep . . .and nutrition . . and exercise . . . and . . . uuuhhhmm . . a bunch of other stuff . . .
  15. I'd check your Windows/browser system security settings (and also possibly settings of any third party antivirus/firewall etc software.) If you are using Windows Internet Explorer, open a browser and then from the menu select Tools and then Internet Options. Check the settings on the Security tab (and also the Privacy and Advanced tabs possibly). You can just set your overall security level to one step lower than it is now and see if that helps (close and open a new browser between changes). If not go one step lower until it works. OR you can do a custom setup and just enable stuff you need. I like to do this. You'll see a lot of things that are disabled by default, so change the setting to Prompt, that way if it's needed you can allow it or not if you aren't sure of the site. best of luck!
  16. Seems like the Time Display (Ctrl+Shift+Z) would be the easiest place for the coders to start implementing this feature. It can already display up to five different fields of information. It does have the ability to select the unit of measure but currently changing it changes it for all fields and changes the Transport and Arrange windows too. If this little Time Display could be modified so that any unit of measure could be used for any field without affecting the Arrange and Transport settings . . . . Hmmmm, maybe make the first field always be the same as the Transport and Arrange so that you have a reference and then the other four could be anything you wanted. I know . . .easier said than done!
  17. Right, they are both syncronized to each other. If you left click on the Grid Menu icon at the top of the arrange window or the upper part of the transport window and change the type of subdivisions it's displaying they both change. Why do you want them to be different? I like to see the beats in the arrange page and the min/seconds in the transport so I can see how long the song is at the same time look at how many measures the song is. This is something I have worked with in Cubase for 5 years. I don't remember ever doing that in Cubase but I can see how that might useful!
  18. Right, they are both syncronized to each other. If you left click on the Grid Menu icon at the top of the arrange window or the upper part of the transport window and change the type of subdivisions it's displaying they both change. Why do you want them to be different?
  19. Hi, Yeah, I just tried it and you have to have a number 1 through 12 be the first characters in the marker name for it to show up in the marker grid. In your case you could use 5End or 5-End or 5/end etc. If you have a song called 5 Blueberries and tried to name your end marker 55BlueB-End, it wouldn't work because it's trying to use the number 55. You can edit the marker names in the Marker Manager in case you didn't know already.
  20. What screen shows you that a specific drive is active?The only one I know is on the main screen where I picked Asio and my RME card below it. Should be the same one I think. Press Y to open the System Options window and in the tree control on the left hand side make sure Audio System is selected. On the right hand side you should see 5 seperate sections with the one Frank is talking about at the bottom:
  21. DUDE! If you can figure out how to get people to buy Delirium Fix CDs at ANY price I'll pay YOU to find out the secret!!!!!
  22. Actually SEA, the point is that the manual *IS* available, it just costs $15 from Motu (the product has been discontinued, but the manual is still available). I agree that it should be a free PDF download from the Motu site. Actually the point is the manual IS NOT available. I do agree with John and I make a point of not downloading illegal, using cracks, etc I have 50 plus guitar students and it is crazy the way they think it is OK to use Limewire and others like that. Even their parents are oblivious to it. Hi Chulio, Hey, I hope you know I'm not trying to make you out to be some sort of copyright pirate or anything just because you got one Xerox manual from someone! It's just in your first post you said that you were looking for a copy of a manual that MOTU wanted $15 for. So, I interpreted that to mean it was available and for sale. Now you are saying it's not available? But regardless of if it is for sale or not or for a discontinued item or not, the copyright holder still retains their rights on it. Anyway, sorry to have made such a big deal over this.
  23. Yes, I have many checkered skeletons in my past closets (or something like that! ) For a long time I had no clear opinion on copyright infringement and traded tapes of albums with friends occasionally and as long as I did it on a limited basis and wasn't actually selling mass quantities, I didn't see the harm. But around the late 1980's, after suffering with my new Amiga computer with one floppy, no hard drive the annoying copy protection on my Soundscape Pro MIDI Studio sequencing software (any fans out there? ) and then reading a very clear article by Craig Anderton in Electronic Musician magazine on the reasons to not share software, I made up my mind to not share application software or to give entire albums of music away. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not perfect in any way and I draw my own boundaries regarding copyright infringement that are sometimes personal interpretations of the laws. (I'm not a lawyer, I just play one on internet forums ) Anyway . . . I'd rather get back to using and talking about my new Samplitude recording software! I should have it by the end of the week!
  24. My mom and some of my good friends will give me a dinner for free but the cafe down the street wont, are they greedy? Personally I think that it's in a manufacturers best interest to provide downloadable free manuals for both current AND legacy products but that is their choice. Just because their rights can be easily violated doesn't mean its OK to do or is justified. Just because other companies care more about their end users doesn't mean that the end users have the right to dictate how they run their business. You say that this isn't a case of copyright infringement. Take a look through the manual and if there is nothing stated to the effect of "this manual cannot be copied by any means without MOTU's permission" or it does say "feel free to copy and use the contents of this manual as you see fit" then I'll stand corrected. I'm sure that the person who sent you the manual had only good intentions at heart, but if they are unintentionally being uncool to someone else while being cool to you, the coolness factor sort of cancels itself out IMHO. While the Robinhood ideal is romantic, its important to remember that he wasn't stealing apples from poor street vendors to give to the poorer.
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