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  1. Thanks for the reply greg. I'ts now working. Am using maple virtual midi port. Definitely a problem with my gear. Time for an upgrade in all depts!!. For anyone who's interested in a great plug-in for experimenting with chords and harmony check out harmony improvisator. http://www.improvisator.de/ Also; It seems very straightforward now: Load vst; ( best to use polyphonic sound source to hear chords ) turn on midi out in plug-in; set midi input to maple input 1 turn on vst midi out recording ( below list of midi inputs ) Load improvisator vst; Repeat above procedure; Turn on monitoring in first vst only!!; Push buttons and Listen to beautiful chords. ( seems like cheating really ) I was also amazed to see the chords recorded in midi when i started recording. Just by clicking the mouse on the buttons. I don't think this is achieved in other sequencers. There's 1 up for samplitude.
  2. hi, Was wondering if anyone has used HI. in any version of samplitude. It's a plugin that sends midi out to vsti's in the form of chords. I watched a youtube video on setting up KT drummer plug-in which sent midi triggers to a vsti, and assumed the setup would be the same. ( samp. 10 ) But I have had no luck after exhausting routing options. I'm over the moon on the way rewire is working in the new samp. with p/head reason. I,'m all but ready to cross-over to samp from sonar, which handles midi out plug-ins very straightforwardly. Any suggestions could see a new samp user. cheers!
  3. Hi Has anyone tried samp 10 as a rewire host with p/heads reason? In version 9 it is a waste of time, I'm hoping it has improved
  4. hello, I have propellerheads reason rewired to samp. se9 and everything seems ok audiowise. I can hear my reason instruments in the vip and see the output, but when I try to record midi notes from my controller, nothing is recorded. I can here the instrument playing, but no midi recorded. I can draw midi notes in the pianoroll view and here them play back, so could someone enligten me as to what I'm doing wrong? I have tried different settings in the system and midi properties to no avail. Thanks for any help. Cheers
  5. Hello, I,m just trying out the samp 9 demo, with a view to crossgrading from sonar. Could someone tell me if there is a way of monitoring individual propellerhead reason tracks when rewired in samplitude, without having to bring up the reason gui each time, and hit the midi button on each track. It's something I've gotten use to in sonar, and makes workflow a lot easier. Just select a track in sonar and it automatically changes the midi focus on the reason sequencer, so you can quickly flick between instruments. cheers for any help.
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