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  1. ¡De nada! The purple fader is the color for MIDI tracks, is automatically assigned when you add a new midi track or change an Audio Track in Midi Track.
  2. Here is the later version of "Darren Waves/SDK" skin, it's a less colour version, no wood, no "Christmas tree style peakmeters", etc... let say is a more serious version. In addition this version has several improves too, for example up to 18 tracks with "decent size" peakmeters on the VIP view, (with Transport and visualization docked), fine for multitracks projects... ...but there are many more improves inside... This is the version I'm using now, I hope you like, some screenshots and two versions for downloading, SDK for Samplitude users and SDK for Sequoia users: SDK_Samplitude.rar SDK_Sequoia.rar
  3. Thank you mates, your suggestions are very useful for Fran, you have to take into account this skin is just a custom skin for me, which I have wanted to share with you, nothing else, I'm not a designer nor nothing of the sort. Fran has got his own skins and he will show them to you soon. Best regards.
  4. Thank you so much for your comments, Craig Allen, I'm agree with you in many points, I will talking with Fran about your suggestions, it's possible he can to make a second version with your ideas and suggestions, which are excellent IMO. Thanks once again and best regards, Craig. Darren
  5. It's also possible to change or modify many elements of the skin, like Pots, Faders, Peakmeters, Insert or Aux colours, designs, etc... If there is something in the skin which you want let us know in this thread or once again, mail to Fran at: francisco-casau@wanadoo.es Here you can see some examples of alternative pots, in this case a different Pan visualization and a Gain pot with "motion-sensitive colors".
  6. Thank you piperboy, sampuser and Eric, I'm glad you like it. Important news: Now if you want to put your logo in the skin you can to get it, your studio's name or your artistic name, what you want... let us know in this thread or mail to Fran at: francisco-casau@wanadoo.es A example with my artistic name on the Track Editor and on the Mixer would be the next one:
  7. En principio no, esto se debe a una cuestión de formatos de imagen, pero creo que es posible adaptarlo, (o al menos en parte), Fran te lo confirmará en breve. Un saludo.
  8. Here are a few screenshots, I hope you like. Best regards. Darren
  9. Hi all Are you fan of Camo skin? then, you will fall in love of it. Several months of work, hundreds of code lines changed in the .ini files, countless mails crossed with sketches, corrections... plus many very long days of work face to face in the study of my friend, but finally it was worth it... My friend Fran and me have the project already finished, one of the best skin Camo based you have ever seen, SURE. Some of it features: VIP: Track Editor totally redesigned, with big VU (peakmeter) and big fader included, horizontal EQ section, 8 Aux/8 Plugin slots, etc, etc, etc...really beautiful and spectacular design, you have to see it to believe it. VIP tracks with colored and numbered VUs, new fader design, new colours, Rec button bigger and more... New colours for Scroll bars and Grid lines, more intense colours on the Transport, (Play lighted in blue), etc... MIXER Totally redesigned, textures, colours..."high class" Pan/Gain pots and faders, all of the VUs (or peakmeters) colored, spectacular master peakmeter with "RMS levels simulated", (very visual, but unfortunately not usefull...dear developers, please, we want a RMS levels integrated in the master peakmeter, actually it's not possible to do it by changing the .ini files). Mono/Stereo button in each channel, Auxs and Subgroups in blue, special colours for active Inserts and Aux sends, Atenuation and Visualization buttons included on the side of the mixer. The EQ section knobs has been eliminated, this way we have more space free in order to visualize 8 Aux and 8 Insert slots, in addition we have now faders and peakmeters with more lenght. There are many more details inside, but I prefer you see it for you same, this skin combines itself elegance and functionality IMO, it will inspire love in the Camo users. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have opened this thread because my friend Fran (fran1946) not handle the english language well, he is new in this forum as well, but from now on he will try to answer your questions. The SDK skin is totally available for free, we want to share all these months of work with you all, so please feel free to comment any question about the new SDK skin in this thread, your opinions will be welcome. SDK is for Samplitude and Sequoia 11, there are two version, one of them is for Samplitude's users and the other one is for Sequoia's user, two both are exactly the same skin, same design, same functionality, etc... only change the mixer logos for Samplitude version and Sequoia version. You can download it from here: SKD_Sam.rar SKD_Seq.rar
  10. ...or you can also make use of the Batch Processing, very fast and suitable in order to apply one or several process to groups of files. Regards. Darren
  11. Click on the Plug-in edit button in the object editor and place Volume before the DirectX/VST Plugin (Pre), like this (take a look at the picture).
  12. That's the reason for what I asked for...9SE is limited to 8ch inputs. Thanks Ulrich.
  13. One more question, is it possible recording more than 8 tracks at once?
  14. Thanks, it's a very good idea, I already own TotalMix skin for Sequoia, but I can't be able to install correctly in my system (XP). I don't find this route: Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\RME TotalMix I mean, I only find Documents and Settings...the rest is lost, "show hidden folders" in Windows folder options doesn't helps. Some tip?
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