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  1. Well, when I enter windows audio panel and pick recording properties I've got only one thing to tick (or tick off) which is "wave in". When I tick it off.. I cannot record a single thing but silence.
  2. Hello, I use samplitude 7.22 and I cannot find the solution to the following problem: I use fasttrack m-audio USB as the only audio interface (meaning I use it both for recording and listening concurrently). Recently, I've eaten my teeth to record bass guitar, as I've been constantly encountering the same problem, namely: the recorded track contains the mix of all of other tracks that I playback while recording. What is more, it also contains the sound of metronome. When I mute all of the tracks, turn the metronome OFF and record a complete SILENCE I still obtain the track with a silent but yet still audible metronome. Thank you in advance for any help. saymon
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