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  1. I work at 88.2k since 2007. Why? Because Double Speed allows using anti-alias filters of much better behaviour than 44 or 48k. Some sources have a lot of energy above 20kHz. Cymbals in particular, have so much HF energy that even with the microphones low-pass filtering, there is enough content above the Shannon frequency (1/2 SR) to "disturb" the steep digital filter response, resulting in the presence of non-negligible aliases. At Double Speed, none of these problems exist, because the amplitude of the remaining 40kHz components is so small that the artefacts are inaudible. Well, that may not be the case if you used a B&K ultrasonic mic and dedicated preamp, but using "standard" (designed for 20kHz) equipment, these 40k+ components are enough attenuated. QS (192k) would make a difference if using microphones (or electronic signals) with a response up to 80 kHz. Most of the times, the recording chain takes care of these potentially offensive frequencies.
  2. Eddie Cochran cut a number of songs playing bass lines on his detuned Gretsch 6120.
  3. I never ever use gates in samp. I also have gates in my mixer (Tascam DM4800), whch I never use either. I do everything in off-line mode, with the Normalize, Fade and SetZero tools. It's time-consuming, but thre's no unwanted artifact left.
  4. Hi, I have initiated a thread about the possibility to varispeed by changing the sample clock frequency ansd I recived good answers to that; however, someone mentioned that it could be done virtually. So I opened the manual and I am more puzzled than before. Let's say I want to overdub one semitone low My understanding is I should resample to 46.7kHz, do my overdub and then reestablish 44.1 kHz to go back to the original pitch. Or is it the contrary - resample to 41.64kHz before overdubs? And the manual says that the standard algorithm is not good for drums and the groove will be lost...Does that mean that I have to use different algorithms on different tracks? It seems so complicated; I have a feeling nobody's concerned about varispeed; maybe everybody plays guitar and virtual keyboards Jean Luc Moncel
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