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  1. I need to sell some of my plugins that I rarely use...

    Up for grabs is the Sonalksis Essentials Bundle and the Multi-band Dynamics Bundle.


    The Essentials Bundle contains:

    -SV-315Mk2 Compressor

    -SV-517Mk2 Equaliser

    -SV-719 Analogue Gate

    The Multi-band Dynamics Bundle contains:

    -CQ1 Multiband Compander

    -DQ1 Dynamic Equaliser


    The public price according to the Sonalksis Homepage is 190 + 140 = 330 Euros (http://www.sonalksis.com/plug-ins.html)

    Since there seems to be a high license transfer fee of 75 Euros or so, I can't sell the plugins super cheap, but I guess 200 Euros would be fair? (I'll pay the transfer)



  2. 51 minutes ago, HHfallback said:

    Hi Matt, nice work,she was born to work the camera :)

    shoulda got this out for December,missed the boat there maybe?


    being blind,old and stupid i read your studio name as "Studio hell" thought you'd be all Ramstien :D

    Thank you HHfallback, she is indeed quite a talent, which helps!

    Actually, I planned to release the Video in late November, but hey... Maybe it's better not to have to compete with 20 Million other songs that everybody releases just before the Holidays. 

    Anyway, thanks for your comment! 

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