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  1. .. it's definetly a bit overrated. Go 24 Bit / 48KHz. The "upgrade" from 44.1 to 48KHz is the one you will definetly hear ...
  2. cheers, I made a few mastering-presets for sascha back in the time when he was finishing this little dynamic beast... those where marked "BH" in the V11 of Samplitude, now, in Sam Pro X, my hidden credits are gone .. nevertheless you can find them due to the fact that I insisted to have RMS-values described in the preset-name... as a good starting point for almost anything that needs transparent but "grippy" mastering I recommend "Touch Of Class -15dB RMS MS" and "Touch Of Class -22dB RMS MS" the "MS" tells you that those presets "correct" the mono-signal a tad ... use the peak-meter with the "PPM + RMS"-preset, in order to translate my RMS-values described above be it phat! robert EDIT: I just realise you are talking about "Classical" music. In my opinion classical music shouldn't be compressed much at mastering-stage. try the limiter alone... gently. you DONT want to squeeze the macro-dynamics of a classical recording. different things apply to scores in hollywood-blockbusters, some of them are "mixed-genre"-productions and need some hot density...
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