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  1. Yep, sure is. I'd say there are rarely good odds on it staying that way too
  2. Ha! It's all very strange. I don't think they can in good conscience advertise a "grand" piano with only 86 notes available . No Greig piano concerto happening on this virtual instrument .
  3. When I load up any of the pianos in Independence (Pro X5 Suite) they are missing the bottom A and A-sharp...Has this always been the case for Indepedence even back into the Yellow Tools days?
  4. https://christopherhampson.bandcamp.com/album/the-bach-project-volume-1b-inventions-sinfonias Mastered in Samplitude Pro X4 Suite. Recorded "live" direct to audio in Ardour 5.12 in single takes with zero edits. Uses the Orchestral Tools Berlin Harpsichords collection (Italian single-manual copy).
  5. I've recorded a couple of classical concerts recently at 24-bit 96kHz and have peaks around -10dB. If I want to use Ammunition's classical mastering presets for a quick and easy master preview, what input levels are the presets designed for? I don't normalize my tracks before editing but I would like to know if my recording levels need to be bumped up a little after the fact to take advantage of the programming. It must make a difference in terms of ammunition's threshold, output gain settings etc.?
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