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  1. hi, I'm using Samplitude SE9 and when i add some CC0/32 in order to change a patch from a nonGM rhythm soundbank, it only plays the song from the beggining. I mean, if i start the song from anywhere else, let's say the middle of a song, it plays the file but there's no drum sound. I have to restart the song from the begining. It only happens with channel 10. I'm using a Roland XV2020 connected via usb. Any clues why this happens? Thanks Anibal
  2. the sent Bank Select messages mutes the connected XV-2020 module. It happens only when I play the song from anywhere except the begining. It works fine when the song is played from the beginning. I've tried with other sequencers but I only get this problem with Samplitude. So I wonder if there is anything that I should switch on to avoid this situation. Any suggestions? thanks Anibal
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