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  1. In Cubase 4 you can call up an FX tracks and then assign one left and one right out. Anyone idea how this is done in Samplitude pro 9?
  2. In cubase 4 you can just dup a track and it is duplicated under on a new track under the original. How can this be done with Samplitude pro 9? Thank you for the help in advance.
  3. Would Samplitude support Plextor Px- 760A? Did not see it on the list.
  4. Thanks everyone. All your help has been very informative. I believe my problem is actually a computer thing. I'll take it in in the new year to see whats up. Merry Xmas! Paul
  5. How do I take a screen shot? Thanks Paul
  6. Thank you for responding, Andr'e, When I try to burn a dvd a box comes up offering new Magic driver and tells me to shut down my computer. Should I do this ? Could you tell me what this wants me to do? Thank you
  7. Anybody know if LG GSA H22N DVD burner will work with Samplitude Pro 9?
  8. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I want to put some compression on vocals. Thank you Samp pro 9
  9. Hoping someone could help me figure out how to use a hardware compressor with Samplitude. I using a Firepod as my mixer?
  10. Thank you very much, I'll give it a go.
  11. Wondering what to activate to hear effects while recording vocals? Thanks muchly
  12. Thank you Peter. Very kind of you to help. If you want to back up your projects you made, you can choose that option from within the menu. Or you can just burn it from you projectfolder in your MAGIX folder. cheers, Peter
  13. I 'm new at this and was hoping someone might know if or how you can download a project on to a disk?
  14. Just overlooking where things where located. I reset the inputs at the top of the mixer to mono and assigned each track from 1-8 after following the other leads you folks gave me. I'm very new to computer recording.
  15. Thank all. I figured it out and found the manual on the site. You folks are very helpful.
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