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Found 4 results

  1. Hello friends -- I have been using Sequoia 13 for 4.5 years. I recently returned my "work" codemeter and am now attempting to use a codemeter (plus manual and installation discs) I purchased from another engineer November 2018. However, it says that Sequoia has reached the maximum allowed number of simultaneous devices. I looked it up on the MAGIX website, and it looks like the issue is with anything that has the P2- serial number. And that you just have to contact Technical Support to get it approved. (Is that correct?) That's fine, but ----- I submitted a ticket last week and haven't received a response (other than the confirmation). I submitted a ticket today and haven't received a response (other than the confirmation). I've sent a message via Facebook and haven't received a response. I've purchased a telephone support credit and when I call the number is asks for the code, rings, and then hangs up after a bit. I've called three other numbers I've found listed by MAGIX (none work) I've got a fourth number that is a *maybe*, but says the lines are full. I've emailed two email address and haven't received a response (other than the confirmation). I'm at a standstill here, and I really need to dig in to source destination. I had a few days to spare, but I'm past that point now. Any insight / suggestions on how to reach MAGIX? And on how to use a copy of Sequoia 13 that I'm literally holding in my hand? Thank you, NorseHorse
  2. Just got an un-opened box of Samplitude Pro x Suite and just got it installed too! Now I'm trying to enter in the serial number but the program won't let me proceed. It seems stuck on the window to enter in the serial number, there is no "go" or "activate" button and pressing enter closes the program. Please help!
  3. I request that Magix management designate a Magix employee to be the moderator for this community. The moderator will be an official representative of Magix and actively participate in this community's discussions. They will serve as the interface between customers and Magix. The moderator will monitor and respond to discussions on a daily basis as part of their "regular" job at Magix. The moderator will be responsible, authorized, and accountable to provide official guidance and help, including timely responses and status of solutions to software and hardware issues. Thank you, Lindsey
  4. This to formally request that MAGIX consider formally surveying it's customer base as an input to future products and services. What inspired this request was an email from the dark side (PT's "father" ) that led to this link: https://www.research.net/r/ACA_Vote_2016 Thank you for your consideration. Lindsey Waddell
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