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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I have a problem when viewing vst plugins in samplitude x4. I have a nvidia gtx460, it seems that it has a problem with the resolutions with some plugins, as you can see in the image, they are cut and displayed incompletely. However the plugins of izotope and the ones of Magix are seen correctly. Do you know what the problem may be? I have updated the drivers of the graphics card and it remains the same. Thanks and best regards
  2. Something happened with my melodyne integration on my objects in a couple projects. I finished the mix a week ago, track bounced, then saved complete VIP into a new folder. Today after listening to the mixdown, i needed to make minor adjustments but when opening the saved project, all the objects list the melodyne vst, and that vst can not load at all now. I went back to the original and even started a new project...seems something screwed up my melodyne!?!? No idea except a recent Windows update a few day ago (I think the latest?)
  3. Hallo, Independence Free/Pro funktioniert unter Samplitude ohne Probleme. Allerdings läuft es nicht unter Cubase oder standalone. Es kommt die Fehlermeldung, dass die ytif files mehrfach vorhanden wären, egal, was ich dann in dem Dialog auswähle, es hilft nichts. Leider lässt es sich ja auch nur für Samplitude aktivieren, aber das ist wohl so, weil es im Samplitude X3 Suite dabei war und nicht einzeln, wie ich hier woanders schon gelesen habe. Aber wenigstens Independence Free sollte ja überall laufen, hat es früher ja auch. Die selbe Fehlermeldung taucht auch auf, wenn ich die Instrumente mit Best Service Engine 2 öffnen möchte, was ja den selben Yellow-Tools Softwareunterbau hat. Also, wieso öffnet Independence Free/Pro Instrumente in Samplitude, in Cubase oder sogar standalone nicht?
  4. Hallo Zusammen, worin liegt eigentlich der genaue Unterschied zwischen manchen Magix-plugins mit Zusatz "SE"?
  5. Hey guys! I Need some help: I downloaded nearly every instrument I got with the help menu of Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, I even downloaded the Independence Library. Okay, that worked. But now I have the problem that I can't interact correctly with the VST instruments. Independence plays nothing when I try to record something and the other instruments like the Vita Concert Grand Piano or the DNE1-Synthesizer are nearly working correctly, but there I have the problem that I can't hear anything. I can record the notes with an ESI49 MIDI Controller and I can play the recorded material after finishing the recording, but the Monitoring doesn't work correctly, so I can't hear anything during the recordings. What can I do that: 1. I can start working with Independence and 2. I can hear the Monitoring signals? Regards from Austria, Patrick
  6. Hallo Freunde,... Schade und Hilfe zugleich. Letztes Jahr (Juni 2016) habe ich noch das PlugIns "ANALOGUE MODELLING SUITE" als Mac Variante gekauft. (Bin von Samplitude auf StudioOne gewechselt und wollte meine heiß geliebten PlugIns weiterhin nutzen.) Nun wollte ich mir jetzt das "VARIVERB2" für den Mac ebenso kaufen. Ich erinnere mich noch, das alle Pro PlugIns auch für den Mac angeboten wurden. :-( Per Email teilte mir aktuell Magix mit, das die PlugIns nur für Windows erhältlich sind. Was nun,...??? :-( Und was heißt das für die Zukunft? Also keine Mac PlugIns mehr. Und kein Support für mein bereits gekauftes "ANALOGUE MODELLING SUITE" als Mac Variante. ??? Hmm Enttäuscht von Magix !!!
  7. This video by Tim Dolbear should be of enormous help to folks coming on-board who have lots of plugins. Although it addresses the UAD plugins (...the actual title is "Setting up UAD-2 64bit plugins & Central VST plugin folder") the approach is universal. Terry
  8. Hi. In the commercials Korg says that some of their synths - Kronos, Krome etc. - can be used as VST plugins for most DAW systems. Have anyone in here experince with using a hardware synth such as Kronos as a VST plugin for Samplitude? And how can I set it up? I have Samplitude Music Studio ver. 15
  9. Thought I would start a post to help spread the plugin deals from the web. I just grabbed the Sonitus Suite directly from Cakewalk for $20. These plugs are rock solid and get the job done. With virtually no cpu usage! List the deals you find along with reviews of some of your fav plugs.
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