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Showing results for tags 'as a blind user who navigates the ui via a keyboard and uses a screen reader i wanted to note that the ui design of samplitude pro x3 suite is confusing and not consistent with most other windows aplications when it comes to the tab order of dialogs and where focus is placed when opening up a new dialog. fyi i am using s. spammers latest scripts for jaws. here are several examples that illustrate this point: 1. open the settings dialog by hitting y 2. problem 1 initial focus brought to wrong place - rather than having focus placed in the list of available settings (as it would be in most other windows aplications)', ' focus is placed in the first item of the audio setup dialog - i.e.', ' device resolution. for a sdcreen reader user this is confusing since', ' unless they shift+tab once', ' they arent aware that there are many other settings in the list. what is standard for most aplications is to place focus in the first item of the list', ' in this case focus should be placed on the audio settings item when the dialog is first opened by hitting y. 3. problem 2 - incorrect tab order - now', ' with focus on the audio settings item in the list of settings', ' arrow down to recording. 4. hit tab. here the expectation is that one should be placed at the first item in the recording dialog or collection of settings. instead focus is moved to the ok button. 5. subsequent presses of the tab bring focus to cancel and then help. it isnt until the fourth press of the tab that focus is moved to one of the options for the record dialog. in all other windows aplications the ok', ' cancel' or ' and help buttons are the last tabs in the tab stop order. a screen reader user would generally expect to navigate to these by hitting shift+tab. there are similar issues of where the initial focus is placed in dialogs and the order of tab stops in many areas of the samplitude ui. it would be nice if the response of the ui could be made to be more consistent with how most other windows aplications work. these issues should be relatively easy to rectify. thanks. --pete'.

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