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Found 28 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSHNLOyE_YY
  2. Almost everything plays sampler Independence, and my new toy Air Xpand2. https://soundcloud.com/user-571987599/02the-ancient-ones
  3. Hi All, I wish to move the Independence Images Library ( ie: currently located my main C: Drive ) to another internal G: Drive. I was sure I had indicated I wanted it so when I installed it...Maybe Not. However, I want to keep my C: drive free of such data. Have watched Kraznet's "Library Path & Loading Instruments" video and have attempted several times to to add a copied Library (ie: on my internal G: Drive) but with no success. Not sure if the presence of the current C: Drive Library path in the window is preventing it. Can I indeed install the new path underneath the current one? or does it need to be removed first...........again not sure. When about to add the new library in the independence window ............Where Kraznet gets to a Folder Window which shows an 'OK' Button........ ....mine just has an 'Open' Button' I click 'Open' (for the hell of it) ...............and essentially nothing happens.....the small folder window just disappears "in a puff of smoke" Apart from that ......Independence remains open and operable.............Hmmmmff Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?...........If not .....any advice welcome. Cheers
  4. The whole song was made in a sampler independence, for me as non musician, it's level hardcore
  5. Hi, I interrupted the download of 'Independence' content as I didn't like the path I created for it (on my D: Audio drive). I then deleted the folder with some of the content it had downloaded. Now I am trying to repeat the procedure but it is not working. I choose 'Online Install' and it no longer lets me chose a path. It states: "A previous attempt to install the library has been canceled. Do you want to continue installing?" and offers 2 choices: 1. 'Continue Install' which results in "The path you have chosen does not have enough memory for the installation!" (as if I am trying to install it on the C: System drive) 2. 'Remove', which results in "Deinstallation succeeded" but then it still does not work. It offers me no other option. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Independence and restarting Win 7 PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Alex
  6. Hallo, Independence Free/Pro funktioniert unter Samplitude ohne Probleme. Allerdings läuft es nicht unter Cubase oder standalone. Es kommt die Fehlermeldung, dass die ytif files mehrfach vorhanden wären, egal, was ich dann in dem Dialog auswähle, es hilft nichts. Leider lässt es sich ja auch nur für Samplitude aktivieren, aber das ist wohl so, weil es im Samplitude X3 Suite dabei war und nicht einzeln, wie ich hier woanders schon gelesen habe. Aber wenigstens Independence Free sollte ja überall laufen, hat es früher ja auch. Die selbe Fehlermeldung taucht auch auf, wenn ich die Instrumente mit Best Service Engine 2 öffnen möchte, was ja den selben Yellow-Tools Softwareunterbau hat. Also, wieso öffnet Independence Free/Pro Instrumente in Samplitude, in Cubase oder sogar standalone nicht?
  7. Hey guys! I Need some help: I downloaded nearly every instrument I got with the help menu of Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, I even downloaded the Independence Library. Okay, that worked. But now I have the problem that I can't interact correctly with the VST instruments. Independence plays nothing when I try to record something and the other instruments like the Vita Concert Grand Piano or the DNE1-Synthesizer are nearly working correctly, but there I have the problem that I can't hear anything. I can record the notes with an ESI49 MIDI Controller and I can play the recorded material after finishing the recording, but the Monitoring doesn't work correctly, so I can't hear anything during the recordings. What can I do that: 1. I can start working with Independence and 2. I can hear the Monitoring signals? Regards from Austria, Patrick
  8. Hello. First time user of SamplitudePRO X3. Everything is installed. I am up and running with audio and midi through my Sonar VS-100 interface. I can load Independence and play midi notes to it from my Yamaha Motif classic 6. I can hear the notes over speakers or headphones. Running through the different Independence PRO instruments I have noticed that a few give me a 'Cannot load file' box followed by 'corrupted or unknown file format.' Most instruments play just fine. I have tried to attach a screen shot of these no-go boxes. Most of the ones that wont play seem to be found on Content Image File 05 and tend to be percussion instruments. I have run checkdisk on my hard drive and no bad sectors were found. How do I try to get playable files into these sectors? Do I have to delete the whole 10G + of instruments? What procedure is the most efficient way to re-install these? Frankly sitting through the many install DVD's wasn't a whole lot of fun to do! Or is it possible to that one of the DVD's is 'bad?' your advice is most appreciated! thanks, balinas
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