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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, the basic functions are accessible, you can load existing hardware controllers, and to a certain point customise them. The trouble starts when you want to create your own. I tried assigning a foot switch sending midi CC65 to the record button, in order to trigger record on/off, and still keep my hands on my keyboard. Fortunately, I succeeded with the help of a sighted friend. But some of the things he clicked on were not even spoken by Jaws. What is spoken for the moment is: add new , function select even though the button is not labelled, but the list can still be opened. The MIDI learn checkbox, and nothing else for the moment. There is something missing to make it all work, but I can't really tell you where it is and how it is called. Thanks for investigating, Best regards, JPR
  2. Hi I've set up a custom drum map in samp. When I enable it after opening the midi editor if I close the midi editor then open it again the drum map has reverted back to the default GM one and I have to reslect my own.. again. Each and every time. Any fix for this? Cheers
  3. Does anyone know where I could find a demo project to play around with and see how Samplitude Pro X works? I mean a VIP -- or whatever it's called -- with some audio and midi tracks. I have the 30-day demo installed on my Win 8.1 computer, and it would be easier to explore if I could open an example project to experiment with. I used to use Samplitude 6 years ago, but I've forgotten how to use it. As well, the Pro X user interface seems quite different from the Sam 6 interface. Eons ago, when I first bought Cakewalk, it came with quite a few demo projects, and playing with those helped me learn the program quickly. To learn Samplitude Pro X, even a short 4-bar project would be a great help. Anyone know where I could find some kind of demo project like that? Thanks.
  4. is there a way to transpose the midi coming from my keyboard. it only has 61 notes and im unable to trigger the drums in bfd3 because they start an octave lower. i tried changing configuration in bfd3 but it doesnt do anything. my keyboard doesnt have the option its a cheap one from radio shack. optimus md1200... thanks
  5. I cant find a way around, I can do this on audio tracks, but I need it on instrument tracks. thanks.
  6. Hi if I record arm a midi track it wont turn off when I record arm a audio track. Is there a setting to make this exclusive regardless of what it is recordings? cheers
  7. Hi after tempo mapping, i selected a range and then add midi object to range. I then added some midi notes and the made it into a 2 bar loop (control L) I then stretched the loop out over the whole project but it didn't conform the grid that was tempo mapped. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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