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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, fellow comrades! Thanks to the user Kraznet (the guy is a legend!) I recently bought my Samplitude Pro X3 Suite™ + Sound Forge 11™ (comes with iZotope Restoring and Mastering) + SpectraLayers Pro 4™ + all Birdline™ Skins I was so happy to catch the sale valid till 5th of April 2018. All those goodies are now the heart of my "home studio". Since Cakewalk (Sonar™) was no longer a reasonable option for me, the offer from Magix was very hard to beat. I have to admit that me and my buddy from high-school back in early 2000hs we were using a "try before buy" version of Samplitude or Samplitude Music Studio. Now I am more than delighted to be part of Magix customers (I also switched to Reaper™ when it came out in 2004~2005). So, enough with the flatterings, let's go to the problems which I am encountering with the new product. There were no issues with the installation, no problems with Independence Libraries (thank you Kraznet for your online and video guidance!), no problems with registration. Let me first give you brief info on my hardware (I hope the hardware is not causing the issues): Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 USB audio interface Dell T3600 Precision tower (Xeon E5 1620, 8 core CPU at 3.6GHz per core) 32GB RAM (came with the Dell box) Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card (driver version 391.35) Dell U2711 (27" UHD, 2560 × 1440) monitor Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD which hosts Windows 10 Pro ×64 bit Samplitude Pro X3 Suite + Independence sound libraries (70GB) + all Samplitude Sound samples (10GB) installed on it Sound Forge 11™ (comes with iZotope Restoring and Mastering) + SpectraLayers Pro 4™ + all Birdline™ Skins installed on it Now, onto the issues: I noticed that after I loaded a demo song (just to test) "Remix_and_FX_Demo" and hit playback, the interface gets a bit clumsy and slow responsive (as if not enaough Frames per Seconds in rendering). Also when the virtual keyboard is docked, it gets stretched (with the right portion of its interface hidden), please see here: When I detach that virtual keyboard its interface shows up entirely but now it gets stretched vertically: When I try to resize its window, the stretch of the image gets even worse (more pronounced), as you can see here: All other docker tabs work just fine, appears only the Virtual Keyboard acts weird. I do not remember having had such a behaviour back in 2003 (yes, using other monitors, less resolution, etc.) But still the slightly slow responsive interface (moving the Mixer window, meters being slow responsive, the Virtual Keyboard... maybe will find something else in the next few days) of Samplitude in general is what has been given me the not so great impression in the last couple of days. I can assure you not experiencing such problems with my Studio One Pro 3 (got it as a Christmas present) and my Reaper digital audio workstations. What do you think might be causing those issues mentioned above? I really, really do love Samplitude (memories with our first attempts on recording and mixing) and wish I could solve those issues and maybe giving an option to some other customers on testing their user experience. Thank you very much in advance! Happy Easter to those who celebrate!
  2. Hi, guys I was playing around with my new Samplitude Pro X3 today and tried to load BitMachine as an effect, but it was not showing properly. Please, see the attached picture. The Help article clearly shows the expected GUI of the BitMachine plugin. This and the Onscreen MIDI keyboard issue make my recent experience with Samplitude a real confusion. I am not a software developer so I can tell what might be causing those issues. For now I am just testing my new (old) DAW. I really think there is something weird going on with Samplitude... yes, it is an old software, but maybe the issues are due to Compatubilty issues. I will try and run Samplitude in Windows 7 or WIndows XP compatibility mode to see if that will make any better difference! Update: Problem with BitMachine is still persistent even when Samplitude is being run in Windows 8 and Windows 7 compatibility modes. :/
  3. ANREGUNG UND WÜNSCHE,.... Wäre es nicht klasse, wenn es den "Spectral Cleaner (Offline Editor)" von Samplitude auch als PlugIn gäbe (Für MAC und Windoof) Mittlerweile ist die Funktion "Spectral Cleaning" auch in der Billigsparte bei Magix angekommen. (siehe "Magix Audio Cleaning Lab" ca. 49,-Euro und "Magix Audio & Music Lab Premium" ca. 99,-Euro) Izotope und andere Firmen bieten ähnliche Konzepte, jedoch nur als Standalone app und nicht direkt als VST-PlugIn. Oft nur einzubinden mit einer Bridge in die jeweilige DAW. Ähnlich wie bei Melodyne früher. Ich habe mir mittlerweile fast alle Magix Pro Plugins für den MAC gekauft. (Von Samplitude auf Studio One gewechselt) Ich schätze die Magix Plugins sehr und würde mich freuen, wenn weitere Samplitude-PlugIns in Zukunft für den MAC portiert werden. Beste Grüße
  4. Unique reverb and FX plugin promo: http://promotions.eventide.com/ultrareverb.jsp
  5. Hello, I sell some of my plugins at reasonable prices: BX Digital V2 http://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/plugins/detail/bx_digital_v2.html Plugin of the Decade! (Future Music UK) bx_digital V2 is a state-of-the-art digital mastering processor that provides you with a mastering class 11-band equalizer, M/S De-Esser, Mono-Maker and intelligent Bass- and Presence-Shifters, plus extra M/S features, such as Pan for M&S, and Stereo Width Control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdmrJVjoNmA#t=199 Original price: 329 USD - Your price: 229 USD SPL PASSEQ http://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/plugins/detail/spl_passeq.html The most powerful passive EQ ever! The original hardware Passeq is a feat of engineering that is physically and financially hefty (4U, 12kg and £3,300). If you're looking for an ultrapristine 2-channel equalizer with a sweet, smooth, round sound, the Passeq might be your one. Now as Analog Code® plug-in. The Passeq is a neo-classic EQ design with 72 passive hi, mid and low boost & cut filters. The musical character and rich sound of passive filters built with selected components fulfill the highest sound expectations in recording, mixing and mastering. VIDEO: http://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/plugins/detail/spl_passeq.html Original price:249 USD - Your price: 160 USD VOXENGO VOXFORMER - Multi-effect Vocal and instrument plugin http://www.voxengo.com/product/voxformer/ Voxformer is a multi-functional vocal channel strip plug-in for professional audio applications. Combining several professional quality processing modules, Voxformer was designed to be a comprehensive solution for all your vocal processing needs – be it spoken or sung vocals. VIDEO: Original price: 69-95 USD - Your price: 42 USD VOXENGO VARISATURATOR - tube harmonic enhancer http://www.voxengo.com/product/varisaturator/ VariSaturator is an audio effect AU and VST plugin designed to apply saturation effects to audio material. VariSaturator can be used both to boost the loudness of the audio tracks without increasing their peak levels proportionally, and to apply subtle harmonic coloration that makes tracks sound more pronounced and polished. Sound examples: http://www.voxengo.com/product/varisaturator/sound-examples/ Original price: 59.95 USD - Your price: 36 USD Best Regards,
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