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  1. Everything is played by the Independence sampler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Nv4W-9pYKI
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTjspBs3bCU
  3. Es gibt wieder etwas auf die Ohren. Nach 1 ½ Jahren (mitunter harter (ca.300 Stunden)) Arbeit ist das Hörspiel nun Online. Sorry you English People. It´s an Audiobook in German language. Nach 832 Jahren hat das Raumschiff Terra Solaris sein Ziel erreicht; Den Planeten Imi-chet V im Planetensystem Prokyon, 11,45 Lichtjahre von der Erde entfernt. Die Mannschaft um Kapitän Ó Brian wird von Allice, der KI geweckt. Schnell findet Wissenschaftsoffizier Tordur heraus , dass Daten im Bordcomputersystem manipuliert wurden. Bordarzt Steve und Bordtechniker Frank entdecken, dass noch jemand erwacht ist und sich auf dem Schiff befindet. Auch auf dem Zielplaneten gibt es unerklärliche Veränderungen. Wie wird die Mannschaft der Terra Solaris mit diesen Herausforderungen umgehen? Kann die Mission erfolgreich beendet werden? Findet es heraus und begebt euch mit diesem Hörspiel auf eine spannende Science-Fiction-Reise durch das All! Insgesamt haben 13 Personen mitgewirkt. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6zFtMONn9s Hörspiel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7vGEEEWKRc&list=OLAK5uy_ltXjBGnZt82cnmnWlNPpiLeEBud5Rtejw https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_ltXjBGnZt82cnmnWlNPpiLeEBud5Rtejw Weitere Infos: Making of Teil 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJV8TVtRY_s Making of Teil 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDESoz6zFhA Viel Spaß Gruß Birrkuta
  4. Hello dear community. This is my first post here . I hope everyone is doing fine. My apologies for this not-essential-to-survival question but : in the " About " of Samplitude, it writes, near the version number : " DST ". Exactly as this : (DST) It intrigues me. What does it mean ? Thank you in advance.
  5. What is your main DAW? https://www.strawpoll.me/16371302
  6. My next song I used a lot of Vita Cinematic Soundscapes and Independence.
  7. Hello, fellow comrades! Thanks to the user Kraznet (the guy is a legend!) I recently bought my Samplitude Pro X3 Suite™ + Sound Forge 11™ (comes with iZotope Restoring and Mastering) + SpectraLayers Pro 4™ + all Birdline™ Skins I was so happy to catch the sale valid till 5th of April 2018. All those goodies are now the heart of my "home studio". Since Cakewalk (Sonar™) was no longer a reasonable option for me, the offer from Magix was very hard to beat. I have to admit that me and my buddy from high-school back in early 2000hs we were using a "try before buy" version of Samplitude or Samplitude Music Studio. Now I am more than delighted to be part of Magix customers (I also switched to Reaper™ when it came out in 2004~2005). So, enough with the flatterings, let's go to the problems which I am encountering with the new product. There were no issues with the installation, no problems with Independence Libraries (thank you Kraznet for your online and video guidance!), no problems with registration. Let me first give you brief info on my hardware (I hope the hardware is not causing the issues): Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 USB audio interface Dell T3600 Precision tower (Xeon E5 1620, 8 core CPU at 3.6GHz per core) 32GB RAM (came with the Dell box) Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card (driver version 391.35) Dell U2711 (27" UHD, 2560 × 1440) monitor Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD which hosts Windows 10 Pro ×64 bit Samplitude Pro X3 Suite + Independence sound libraries (70GB) + all Samplitude Sound samples (10GB) installed on it Sound Forge 11™ (comes with iZotope Restoring and Mastering) + SpectraLayers Pro 4™ + all Birdline™ Skins installed on it Now, onto the issues: I noticed that after I loaded a demo song (just to test) "Remix_and_FX_Demo" and hit playback, the interface gets a bit clumsy and slow responsive (as if not enaough Frames per Seconds in rendering). Also when the virtual keyboard is docked, it gets stretched (with the right portion of its interface hidden), please see here: When I detach that virtual keyboard its interface shows up entirely but now it gets stretched vertically: When I try to resize its window, the stretch of the image gets even worse (more pronounced), as you can see here: All other docker tabs work just fine, appears only the Virtual Keyboard acts weird. I do not remember having had such a behaviour back in 2003 (yes, using other monitors, less resolution, etc.) But still the slightly slow responsive interface (moving the Mixer window, meters being slow responsive, the Virtual Keyboard... maybe will find something else in the next few days) of Samplitude in general is what has been given me the not so great impression in the last couple of days. I can assure you not experiencing such problems with my Studio One Pro 3 (got it as a Christmas present) and my Reaper digital audio workstations. What do you think might be causing those issues mentioned above? I really, really do love Samplitude (memories with our first attempts on recording and mixing) and wish I could solve those issues and maybe giving an option to some other customers on testing their user experience. Thank you very much in advance! Happy Easter to those who celebrate!
  8. Evenin All, Another Sonar Refugee .....( different Sonar forum ALIAS ... of course ) It seems I am in the midst of an ever growing list of fellow ex-pats (Escapees Maybe ?) who were understandably inspired by 'Samplitude's general 'Modus Operandum'... as it were. Subsequently,(ie: to my new found colleagues at Samplitude ) , thank you so much for receiving us poor, 'shafted' Cakewalk wretches with such empathetic, hospitality. As a return courtesy, I feel it my duty to caution you of a sizable lift in the number of forum exchanges (ie: AND.... always courteous of course). Sonar's Forum was / and still is , intensely dynamic........fiery even !!. Us Ex-Pat Sonarians will obviously need a significant amount of info and guidance as we move through the conversion process. You guys have already provided immense , appreciated support in this regard.........many thanks. Additionally, I must say I am enjoying the 'SAMPLITUDE' experience thus far ....(2 weeks in) esp due to the phenomenal efforts of your Mr Kraznet . What a pleasant / clear voice....and an obvious TRUE BELIEVER !! Doesn't annoy you at all as you necessarily concentrate during days of video 'REASSIGNMENT THERAPY' Sadly, unable to say as much for another ( NB: quite comparable ) DAW training presenter who .........** well I won't be so discourteous as to identify him ( he being a True Believer in his DAW too).........but main thing........... I am on board and soaking up the info at rapid knots. Looking forward to a bright future as a 'SAMPLITUDIAN'. Cheers......................MINDER 47
  9. Hello guys! I'm looking for an accessible Hardware Controller that works quite good with Samplitude, or that can be included quite good. One of our members in the german Mailing list told something great about the Presonus Faderport some years ago. Pro: It is able to be included quite good in the working process of Samplitude. Contra: It has only one motorized fader. Some months ago Presonus launched the Faderport 8 which has 8 motorized faders. There I have no idea either how it works or whether it can be included in Samplitude as well as the former Version of the Faderport with only one motorized fader. I had the chance to take a look at that Controller, and there I realized that I don't like the structure of it. Then some weeks ago I heard about the Console 1 Controller from Soft Tube, but there I don't know whether it can interact with Samplitude. My vocal coach ordered it for his home studio and he told me that he is fascinated how great Console 1 can be included in Cubase or Nuendo from Steinberg. It should also work very good with Presonus Studio One, but no one could tell me whether it works with Samplitude. Now my question: does anyone of you use a Hardware Controller? Which Controller and how accessible is the workflow with it? Regards, Patrick
  10. Hallo Leute! Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem für Blinde gut geeigneten Hardware Controller, den ich problemlos in Samplitude integrieren kann. Vor einigen Jahren hat mal jemand in unserer deutschen Samplitude Mailingliste sehr wohlwollend über den Presonus Faderport gesprochen, der recht gut mit Samplitude zusammenarbeiten soll. Pro: er lässt sich wirklich gut in Samplitude einbinden. Contra: er hat lediglich einen motorisierten Fader. Vor kurzem wurde von Presonus der Faderport 8 herausgebracht. Von diesem Controller weiß ich leider nicht, wie gut und ob er überhaupt mit Samplitude zusammenarbeitet. Ich hatte zudem auch mal die Gelegenheit, ihn mir beim Musikhändler meines Vertrauens etwas genauer anzuschauen, und da musste ich feststellen, dass mir die Art und Weise, wie er strukturiert ist, nicht ganz zugesagt hat. Dann vor einigen Wochen hat mir mein Gesangslehrer erzählt, dass er für sein Homestudio den Console 1 Controller von Soft Tube geordert hat. Dieser soll wirklich hervorragend gut mit Cubase und Nuendo von Steinberg, auch mit Presonus Studio One interagieren, aber bisher konnte mir noch keiner sagen, ob und wie gut auch dieser Controller mit Samplitude arbeitet. Wer von euch hier im Forum benutzt einen Hardware Controller? Welchen und wie gut kann Samplitude damit interagieren, bzw. wie gut lässt er sich in Samplitude und dessen Workflow einbinden? Mit besten Grüßen aus Graz, Patrick
  11. Hello, the basic functions are accessible, you can load existing hardware controllers, and to a certain point customise them. The trouble starts when you want to create your own. I tried assigning a foot switch sending midi CC65 to the record button, in order to trigger record on/off, and still keep my hands on my keyboard. Fortunately, I succeeded with the help of a sighted friend. But some of the things he clicked on were not even spoken by Jaws. What is spoken for the moment is: add new , function select even though the button is not labelled, but the list can still be opened. The MIDI learn checkbox, and nothing else for the moment. There is something missing to make it all work, but I can't really tell you where it is and how it is called. Thanks for investigating, Best regards, JPR
  12. Hey guys! I Need some help: I downloaded nearly every instrument I got with the help menu of Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, I even downloaded the Independence Library. Okay, that worked. But now I have the problem that I can't interact correctly with the VST instruments. Independence plays nothing when I try to record something and the other instruments like the Vita Concert Grand Piano or the DNE1-Synthesizer are nearly working correctly, but there I have the problem that I can't hear anything. I can record the notes with an ESI49 MIDI Controller and I can play the recorded material after finishing the recording, but the Monitoring doesn't work correctly, so I can't hear anything during the recordings. What can I do that: 1. I can start working with Independence and 2. I can hear the Monitoring signals? Regards from Austria, Patrick
  13. Hi Folks, Just wanted to post a short snippet I recorded with Samplitude. I am doing a bunch of short pieces so I can concentrate on and learn the workflow. I am really enjoying Sammy and it does sound very warm and analog to my ears. I know there's much controversy about DAWS in the sound department but I've used and owned enough of them to tell there truly is a difference with Sammy. Here's the link to my sample. https://app.box.com/s/a0gt7itmzv4elrnot159hyjfw1006oma
  14. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Gibson sent me packing. I rushed on to find another DAW. I have Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio and was considering renewing my Reaper license. I haven't used Reaper for quite a long time. In the meantime, I came across the spectacular deal for Samplitude Pro X3 Suite. Very grateful for that. I am loving Samplitude so far. I get the occasional "lost ASIO buffer" message but I played around with some settings and it seems to be fine now. Although I am new to the software I am already comfortable with the basics. I have much more to learn but that's ok. And on that note I'd like to send out major kudos to Kraznet and Tim Dolbear. I've learned so much from your tutorials and can't thank you both enough for the time and dedication you've put into making them. THANK YOU!! I look forward to the days ahead!
  15. By an impartial user (Donny Thompson): https://recording.org/threads/if-youre-not-using-samplitude.57423/
  16. Hi! I have a Problem with the Independence Library. I for myself have not already worked with it, so I didn't install it on my PC, but at a good friend's place - he is also blind - we tried to run it, but it doesn't work. We installed Samplitude Pro X3, but then - what we have to do to get the Library started? We know that we have to copy the Content of the 2 other DVDs, but where we have to paste the Content files of the Library? I think that is the main Problem, why it doesn't work. Sincerely, Patrick Hallo! Ich habe ein kleines Problem. Ich für meinen Teil arbeite nicht mit der Library, also habe ich sie auch nicht bei mir integriert, aber bei einem guten Freund wollten wir es ausprobieren. Wir haben Samplitude Pro X3 installiert, kommen aber dann nicht weiter. Wie sollen wir dann vorgehen, um die Library ins Programm zu integrieren? Wir wissen schon, dass wir den Inhalt der beiden Zusatz-DVDs brauchen, aber wo sollen wir die Daten von den DVDs hinkopieren? Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Patrick
  17. Hallo ins Forum! Ich habe heute Nachmittag ein Gespräch mit Chrissie geführt über ein bestimmtes Problem, das bei Samplitude Pro X3 - sowohl in der Basisversion als auch in der Suite - auftritt und vereinzelt auch schon bei Pro X2 aufgetreten ist und bei dem ich mir nicht ganz sicher bin, ob nur wir blinde und seheingeschränkte Nutzer davon betroffen sind oder ob es sehenden Benutzern auch so geht. Über das Menü "Werkzeuge" gelangt man zum Punkt "Bounce interner Mixdown". Innerhalb dieses Menüs gibt es eine Checkbox, in der man die Qualität des Bounces einstellen kann, beispielsweise von sehr gut auf extrem hoch 1 und extrem hoch 2. Ist man mit seiner Qualitätsauswahl zufrieden, bestätigt man mit "OK". Soweit so gut, aber nun tritt der Bug auf, der eigentlich nicht passieren dürfte. Sowie "OK" gedrückt wurde, erwartet man, dass man innerhalb des Menüs mit seinen Auswahlen fortfahren kann. Bei Samplitude Pro X1 hat das auch noch gut geklappt, bei Samplitude Pro X3 hingegen werden wir nach Betätigen des "OK"-Buttons aus dem Menü geworfen und gelangen ins Hauptfenster, obwohl das Menü (wie Chrissie mir heute Nachmittag mitteilte) immer noch im Hintergrund aktiv ist und man es über die JAWS-Fensterliste wieder erreichen kann - sofern man von dieser Fensterauflistung Kenntnis hat. Ich hatte diese Kenntnis nicht und war daher gezwungen, das Ganze noch mal von vorne zu machen. Überhaupt verhält sich Samplitude gerade an diesem Punkt fast schon so, als ob es kurzzeitig abstürzen würde. Daher meine Frage: geht es nur uns blinden und seheingeschränkten Nutzern so, dass wir nach Betätigen dieser Qualitäts-Checkbox aus dem Menü geworfen werden oder ist dieser Bug auch bei den sehenden Benutzern bekannt? LG aus Österreich, Patrick
  18. Hello there! I wrote it last niht in German, but I think it can be good and usefull, if the English readers also get the message of a quite interesting problem. Yesterday I had a talk with Christopher Kopel, and we realized that there is a problem with a specific menu point in Samplitude Pro X3, in both editions, the Standard Edition and the Suite. If I enter the menu bar with the menu button and scroll to the menu "Tools", there is a menu point called "Bounce internal mixdown". In this menu there is a Checkbox, in which you can set the Quality of mixdown, for example from "Very good" to "Extremely high 1 or 2". If you finish your quality setting, you can click the "OK"-button, but if you want to continue navigating through the menu for other settings, Pro X3 crashs the menu and you are in the main window with the tracks, but the menu is actually active in background. So you must start the menu again or you can call the window list with "JAWS-button" and F10 for searching the menu window. I don't know if this bug is only visible for us blind and visually-impaired users or the normal-seeing users too. Now I want to know: is there any user who has the same problems with that menu? In that case I think it's usefull that Tom could contact the Support or the developers to fix that bug. Regards from Austria, Patrick
  19. Techno House dj track... Entire track was made on Samplitude Pro x3 Suite.. Hope you like...
  20. Hi all, when defining an object as "loop", you still have to drag it if you want it to repeat itself through An Entire Project.¶ Why not have a "cycle" mode, equivalent to loop mode, but where the object would repeat itself for ever regardless of its original length? Hope you like this idea. Best,
  21. Hi all, first, let me quote what the manual has to say about this. " If an instrument has presets, these are displayed in the "Program slot" ("Prg") with their internal name (if "MIDI" mode is activated). This dropdown menu can be used to easily "step through" the presets of your instrument. These presets may also be selected using the instrument window's "Program" menu. If your MIDI input device can send "Program change" commands, you can also directly select programs of this instrument. The program slot is automatically updated in the track to provide an overview of the program at all times " This menu Is well accessible with jaws screenreader, and is very convenient to us visually impaired users for selecting our favourite instruments presets. Unfortunately, as some of you may know, today's plug-ins show their presets in their own gui, and this list is often empty. We need to be able to add presets to this list,, it would in fact be the only way blind users could access plug-ins presets in Samplitude. Thanks for your help, Best, JPR
  22. Hi. In the commercials Korg says that some of their synths - Kronos, Krome etc. - can be used as VST plugins for most DAW systems. Have anyone in here experince with using a hardware synth such as Kronos as a VST plugin for Samplitude? And how can I set it up? I have Samplitude Music Studio ver. 15
  23. Hi. In Pro X, can I select all the tempo changes in a particular range (eg bars 50 to 60)? Can I then increase or decrease their respective speeds by a value such as 1% or 1 BPM -- in a single operation? How can I do this? Background: For simplicity, please assume that I am working in MIDI only, and I have already created a complex tempo track with hundreds of tempo changes. I do not want to modify each tempo change individually, because that would take a long time. The Kraznet videos are excellent, but I have not yet found this particular information in them. I have also not found this information in the pdf manual. I used to use Samplitude 6 years ago, and I am now considering buying Samplitude Pro X. Thanks.
  24. Hi everyone. I am interested in buying Samplitude Pro X, but I don't know what hardware is needed. Years ago, I used to use Samplitude 6 with a Pulsar card. I called that a digital i/0 card, but I don't know if that was the right name for it. Anyway, what kind of card is needed these days? Would you call it an audio interface card? I assume a "sound card" would have built-in sounds, which I probably don't need. Anyway, what are the most suitable, dependable cards to consider for Samplitude? I am running Window 7, 64 bit, on a Hewlett Packard Pavilion Elite PC HPE-372f. Here are the specs: Computer specs: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&docname=c02271779 Mother board: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c02014355 I also have a stereo Apogee ad/da converter. It's old technology, but it should be sufficient for now. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
  25. Hallo, ich wollte mal etwas sehr wichtiges fragen, und zwar habe ich ein Problem mit dem Monitoring bei meinem Pro X Silver. Ich selber habe es als Gitarrist nicht gemerkt, aber eine befreundete Sängerin die ich bat über einen Track zu singen machte mich darauf aufmerksam, dass beim Monitroing das Playback sowie ihre eigene Stimme mit der Zeit stark verzerrt würde und auch knackend klingt. Ich wollte es ihr zuerst nicht glauben und habe es dann aber selber mal ausprobiert, und das Problem besteht tatsächlich. Nun ärgert das mich natürlich sehr, da man so nicht richtig aufnehmen kann, weswegen ich jetzt fragen wollte, ob es an meinem Treiber (ASIO4ALL v2) oder an meinem Laptop liegt. Der Laptop besitzt Vista Home Premium 32bit, ich habe ihn schon seid 4 Jahren und er hat mir eigentlich immer ausgereicht, doch jetzt wo ich mit solch umfangreichen Programmen arbeite, habe ich das Gefühl der Laptop ist endgütlig überlastet. Deswegen spiele ich jetzt mit dem Gedanken mir einen neuen PC zu holen, ich dachte das ein Multimedia PC-System sich am besten eignen würde und hatte auch schon einen rausgesucht der ins Budget passt. Doch bevor ich das ganze durchzieh wollte ich lieber nochmal die Experten fragen, also: was meint ihr? Soll ein besserer PC her mit ner gescheiten Soundkarte etc. oder liegts nur am Treiber?
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