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Hi - I'm currently trying out Samplitude as a possible replacement for Nuendo - I've got a few issues which I'll start a thread about in a few days, however one thing that I've hit a brick wall on so far is working to video.

In Nuendo, you can have video tracks which you drop video files into much as you would audio. Now I am getting the impression the only similar feature to this is only available in Sequoia. However, is there any way to work to video in Samplitude other than syncing it to an external video playback app?

I noticed there is a video window so I assume it is possible to use Video within Samplitude. Can anyone explain how to a troubled noob? <_<

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Media link is actually off of the project prefs, not system prefs. You can get there from the system prefs, but it is more direct to go straight into the project pref window (shortcut "I" if I remember correctly).

As for the video functionality you're looking for, it is a Sequoia only feature (just another reason to get Sequoia besides the mastering and editing advantages/capabilities). AFAIK, there are no Sequoia specials on pricing. The upgrade from Samp is the price difference. Talk to Synthax for details.


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That is a great shame.

Such a feature is standard in many other products cheaper even than Samplitude. I don't understand why Magix consider it to be a 'premium' feature that requires such a hefty cost.

I cannot legitimise the cost of purchasing Sequoia and keeping it up to date. I think Samplitude is a fantastic app and I would probably switch if it had this feature. It doesn't, for reasons I do not understand, and so I cannot. :o

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Jcorbett, I guess you are not right on stating that sample exact LTC chase was a standard feature in cheaper apps. What comparable app would that be? Not even Nuendo does offer LTC chase without the Timebase or the newer box develpoed by Colin Broad for them.

However, Nuendo certainly has the more complete feature set for Audio For Video and Film at the moment as far as the standards are concernened.

All these Bazar-like arguments about prices against features have little sense. Features in Software have no actual value anyhow. They are based on design and decisions. Decisions of the producer what he would think is important for his clientel and decisions of the potential buyer. If you need a feature that isn't there you wouldn't buy the product for half the price, because it would still be wasted money.



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Hi Sebastian,

I'm not sure I understand the point you are trying to make here. I'm not sure what LTC chase has to do with anything.

My point is simple - I like Samplitude, however I cannot use it as it lacks a feature I require which is only available to premium customers.

I do not understand why this feature is only available to premium customers when virtually all of Samplitude's competitor products have this feature in even their most basic of iterations.

I would request that Magix seriously consider making this feature available in all of their products. I very much doubt it would negatively affect sales of Sequoia.

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Hey Jcorbett,

I can understand your frustration. I`d like to see full video features in Samp. too.. after all , Samp is supposed to be a full composing/mixing app. etc..

There are way around this . One way is to Rewire a host or app. that supports multi-video file handling .. like Ableton or the new Magix Movie edit pro thats coming out before the end of the year.

I can`t remember if you can slave Cubase to Samp.. But that would be another way around to deal with it. I use Live 6 slaved to Samp. when i need to score to picture with multiple files . Works pretty well except for the lack of HW overlay in Live... <_<

Best, Rich

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