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Pre - Post Plugin Chain? ( Samp 8 Se )


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Hi all :D

I've noticed in the Direct x / VST plugins master page you can place plugins either between the pre & post position or after the post position. I checked out the help pages and found this "All plugins loaded below the pre line in the list are inserted in the effects chain at the pre position, all below the post line at the post position. " But as you may have guessed i'm a novice and I still don't know what this actually means or what difference if any it would have on the track the plugin was applied to. So if anyone can help on this thanks in advance.

Also does anyone know if the snapshot function in the mixer is available in V8 SE its not on the mixer anywhere i can see but it does talk about it in the help file for SE.

Thanks again

PS: great forum. :)

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The pre setting places the plugin before the volume fader and the post setting puts the plugin after the volume fader. Where you put the plugin depends on the effect/plugin and the kind of control you want.

For example, say you have a brick wall limiter on the master channel in the pre fader position that limits the ouput to 0dB. If you raise the master volume faders by 3dB, the signal will now be limited at 3dB because you are boosting the signal by 3dB "after" the limiter plugin. However, if you put the limiter in the post fader position then no matter how much you raise the volume faders, the limiter will hold the ouput to 0dB since it is the last thing in the chain. So you always want to have the limiter last in the chain in the post fader position.

However, certain effects such as compressors will usually go in the pre fader position so the volume fader does not affect the input of the compressor. Otherwise the amount of compression would be affected everytime you changed the volume level. Raising the volume fader would cause the compressor to compress more because the signal would go farther above the threshold (causing more compression).

Other effects like chorus, delay, etc won't really matter which one you put them into as these effects don't change their sound based on the level of the input going into the plugin.

The only one of these that I would consider a "hard fast rule" is to always have the limiter last in the chain, otherwise you could get clips and therefore the limiter is useless. Everything else is purely subjective and depends completely on the situation and how you want your sound to be affected when you change the volume fader. Experimentation is the key here.

Hope that helps. :D


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