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More Samplitude Tutorials @ Youtube.com


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Yo i went to youtube and type in Samplitude in the search box and about ten videos for Samp 9 came up and they are as follows,


1 Edit and Arranging Part 1

2. Surround Sound

3. Edit and Arrange Part 2

4. Midi Drum Editor

5. Elastic Audio

6. Anologe Modeling Suite

7. Robota Sequencer

8. Jam Session

9. Spectral Editor

10. VSTi to Wave convert

These may be helpful to somebody. Some of them really break things done and some seem like an overview of the topic. Some of these I believe can be found on the install disk, but I just thought i'd post this anyway.



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thanx Tony,

I wanted to give the link on a french Sampliquoia forum, but wanted to know what it is before ... :D

The link given by Frank, in Tip & Tricks is awesome, nothing better to really see someone explain new functions ! I've seen it yesterday ... and then ... I realize 9.1 was out ! :P

Hey Frank, can I give the link on the french forum, or give the videos ? or there're restrictions ?



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