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Desperately Need Help With Midi

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Can anyone tell me for sam v8 se, how to simply operate the midi functions so I can get some use out of this program preferably where I can setup my midi controller and how to operate vsti plug ins from the very beginning. The manual that came with it simply misses the topic completely and there is no support or any other help available and Im finding this to be really discouraging

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Ok - I'll have a go - I'm not the midi genius but we'll see....

I'll assume you have set up your hardware keyboard in the 'Y' / midi dialog so that its available to Sam.

Start a new 2 track VIP (shortcut 'E' ) and left click the track name of track 1 to open the track properties.

In the second section 'MIDI' you choose your input device ('mpu 401', 'USB Keys' or similar) and a VSTi output.

Start with something simple like mda piano that only needs a single output track.

That should now play.

Report back here how you got on....



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