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Am-munition Informations

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Here are some details about the upcoming updated version of am-munition.

Really interesting reply from Sascha :P.

Lookin' forward to test this new beast when the updated version will be released with the international version of SAM10. And also to use it later in others sequencers too :unsure:.

I tried to understand your post about the v1.0 of am-munition, but I am unable to understand waht you said in german and the online translator sucks.

1) So what the problems with the v1.0 ? I just understood that you have plan in the really near future to improve and update it before the international version release. Is that right ?

Hi Julien,

there's no real problem about v1.0 so far. The 'only' thing is that some guys that do mastering for a living had very fruitful comments and proposals on the thing that I tried to push it a bit futher. But this collided with the German release date on the half way, so I had to make a break there. While the German DVD went to processing at the plant, I continued the work and decided to change a few concepts at ammo's output stage (the clipper & limiter). I trashed the old clipper (including its pre- and post filtering) and reworked the entire limiter. That doesn't mean it's been useless before, I just wanted a bit more compatibility with common real-world tasks and a more controlled sound, more predictability. Meanwhile, the clipper is a dual-band type (adjustable per band), clips more gentle and the limiter is greatly improved in terms of smoothness and precision.

The 'problem' (if any) is, that these steps change the entire sound of the unit (at least when you engage the master section). German users already familiar with 1.0 and having done serious projects, might have to re-adjust the settings, remix or remaster a job, which is sometimes close to unacceptable. This really bothers us, but we decided to take the challenge nonetheless, as the main goal is to create quality gear. The idea came up to give German users a second plugin DLL with the next update (which might be equivalent to the international code state). This version pops up as default, but previous projects will use the older version until users re-load an instance manually in the VIP.

2) Did you plan to release a VST-plugin version to be used with others sequencers like Cakewalk's Sonar 7 ? So maybe an updated 1.5 version of the AM|Suite in on the way ^^ ?

I'm pretty certain that this will come, though I don't know yet when & how. Maybe it's still part of the am suite VSTs, maybe a seperate product. But that's not up to me to decide that.

When the main releases are through, we all need to see clear again, take a breath and might then decide how to carry on with our latest breed.

[should these questions also come up in the English forum, feel free to cite this message in the public. No problem.]



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