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Need Video Or Tutorial On Mastering


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Here's my incredibly brief, non-video tutorial on mastering (abridged)

-Create a new project with 2 tracks/74 minutes length.

-When project is open: Go to the CD/DVD drop down menu and select "CD Arrange Mode".

-Load each song as a wave file/object with the "Open Audio File" radio button.

-Arrange songs in desired order.

-Use the "Set Track" radio button to drop CD ID markers before each song. Or you can use the "Auto CD indices" radio button to set track ids automatically.

-Use object level processing for song specific eq/compression/volume adjustment.

-Use master buss processing for over all gloss.

-Click on "Burn CD" radio button to burn CD. Use "generate new CD file" to create a CD image.

That's it. Hope it helps. :):)

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humm, you're not on the good way ... :)

You need even one track only ! When you master your songs to burn a cd, you need to put them one after the other with a gap of your choice, generally, 2 or 3 seconds, then put indexes, and burn.

You can burn a cd with your songs in different tracks, but it's not very easy to work.

You will find that we're a lot to use 2 stereo tracks, because it's better to manage crossfades between songs for example. Or make a copy to work on and compare to the original, etc ...

I work with more than 2 tracks most of the time because I need one track to client references, one track for original mix, one for the hard copy of the mix to work on it, and another for crossfades. Sometimes more again for special work.



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Hi Ronnie ,

There's a strong possibily I will be making a tutorial video about Mastering in Samp in the not too distant future . In the meanwhile here's a screenshot of a recent Mastering project I completed . You will see that I have used a PSP VinatageWarmer and I inserted one instance on each object and tweaked threshold levels to match levels of each track . This is one of the great features of Samp .The orange markers are the individual track markers and the green ones are sub track markers as some of the songs had 2 sections .Some of the tracks crossfaded into each other as well so I had to judge by ear the best place to insert the markers .




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