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What's The Benefits ?

Indiana Bones

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Been away from the audio recording for almost 2 years now but want to come back. I left using Nuendo 3, but considering a change. Hear a lot of good tnings about Samplitude and Sequoia. I consider most other sequencers less application intensive than Nuendo (like Sonar, Logic, Cubase, etc.) so was looking for something close to or equal to it. I heard that Samplitude or Sequoia may fit the bill. Have not been keeping up with the recording software lately, I hear Nuendo is on version 4. How are the softwares rated now, if they are? Between these two is one more popular or considered more advanced than the other? Are their any benifits in the use of one over the other.

Also, how does Migix products work with Lynx hardware? I presently have the Lynx 2 but I'm seriously thinking about changing it for the Soundscape Mixsteam setup because of their extensive DSP mixer and sound quality. Have not decided whether to use Soundscapes converters or to go with the Lynx 16 converter on their setup.

Any info that you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you- :blink:

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Hi Indiana and welcome.

Sequoia blows all the others away.

It's as good as SADiE (if not better) at less than a quarter of the price.

I started with Samplitude and upgraded to Sequoia and have just upgraded to Sequoia 10.

It's the source/destination editing that clinched it for me and it's worth every penny of the extra over Samplitude. Editing is so much more accurate and faster, so much so that even my client commented on how much better it was.

And the service and backup is second to none - not only is this forum very helpful, proservice is also fast and helpful. I had problems getting the upgrade code from the website on Thursday night and sent an e-mail to pro-service . The code was e-mailed to me on Friday morning and the upgrade worked perfectly.

Much better than others.

I can't comment on the Lynx issue as I use RME (but am drooling over the new Prism Orpheus).

I hope this helps.

But Sequoia is the best - go for it. :blink:

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John, you mention Prism Orpheus. I assume you have done your research. How does Orpheus compare to Lavry Blue converters?

No, I have not compared them to the Lavry Blue - I just know that the Prism are about the best on the market bar non and the Orpheus has the same converters that are in the £5,000 Prism unit - that's why I'm drooling.

The next best are the Audio & Design ones (reviewed in the latest Sound On Sound) at a tenth of the price of the Prism - but that only has an AES3 out and is not a soundcard like the Orpheus.

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