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Vista And Samplitude 9.1.1


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I go new Fujtsu-Siemenes latop, Xi2550, with vista home basic.

I got Samplitude SE from Swedish magazine, its full version of SE.

But its not at all so stable as my old 6.05 version.

Crashes all time.

Is the problem in Vista or Samplitude?????

Now my old laptop with Xp and Samplitude 6.05 seem very stable compared to SE and Vista.

Will the same problem continue if i have version 10.

Thanks for help.

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Why not upgrade to XP Pro - XP Pro with SP3 is supposed to be better than Vista. ;) I think I will skip Vista completely and only upgrade when Windows7 comes out.

Having said that - people do seem to have Samplitude running well on Vista machines, so I don't think you will have a problem.

It may just be in the settings.

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UNfortunatley if you google vista for daw or pro audio all you get is a bunch of bitching and griping.

There is tweakvista and some other sites, but first you HAVE to get rid of Aero. Disable User Account controls, and the usual xp tweaks we used to do.

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