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From Sam Se To Sam 10 Pro Waaahoooo!


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I'm excited! Ever since I stepped into a local studio and experienced the power of "Sequoia" I was hooked! Upon getting to know the owner/engineer he informed me of Samplitude SE and naturally the conversation developed into comparison of the different software versions. So, make a short story long ... ;) I decided to purchase Sam SE 9 and began the journey into the power of the program. It didn't take long before I realized just how powerful the SE version was and learned as much as possible (there's more) but became hungry for a complete version. Hench, Samplitude 10 Pro. So far (only had it two days) so good. I understand there is much to learn and began reading the manual. However, from past experiences with DAW software )ProTools, Cubase SE, LE, Acid 4, 5 & 6, much can be learned by becoming a member of a forum respective to the software you are using.

So here I am finally... did I mention how excited I am about Samplitude 10 Pro? :P Anyway, hello and hope to meet all on this forum in great anticipation of learning from those of you who have experience.

Hope I didn't bore you. Next time maybe I'll include a joke or two? Clean ones that is.


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Thanks! Question: Are there any threads on using Frontier Designs Tranzport? Set up? I'm not having a productive evening with it. There has to be a simple logical way of setting up the Tranzport to use in Sam 10?

Tranzport is supported natively in Samplitude . Did you try using the template available under Options>System/Audio >Hardware controller -Add New > Frontier Tranzport (native) ?



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Hi to everyone.

It seems to be the good topic for that :

I've been working for 6 years in a studios I've built equipped with Samplitude Pro (www.arteradio.com). At home I used to have either SE, either one of the dongle I borrowed from the studios. Then my name on that forum was phonotoff.

Now I work on my own at home, everywhere. So I have Samplitude for rent, my name on the forum is now TanaKan.

I filled the paper on the 21th of January, today, on the 2nd, I've received my box in Brussels ! !

Thanks a lot, it was quick and efficient.

So I'm really happy to continue on Samplitude ! !

welcome to everyone.

Keep going !



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