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Hi folks.

As I'm learning my way around Samp 10 Pro for the first time, and having a strong desire to avoid burdening the fine members of this forum with basic questions, I was wondering if someone might kindly provide the links to basic Samp 10 FAQs and resources.

They were provided in this old thread ( http://support.magix.net/boards/magix/inde...&pid=212223 ) but alas, they are dead links.

Also, btw, for those new to the program such as myself, abandon hope all ye who attempt to search for topics via this forum's search capabilities. Much MUCH more effective to go to Google's advanced engine and put http://support.magix.net/boards/ in the "Site" field.

Cheers all!


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Thanks, Mudflat. :P

Yes, it's true the videos are incredibly helpful -- Kraznet's videos, in particular are stunningly friendly and useful (I hope he got paid for those) -- but alas, there are many basic questions that are not answered. As many of the questions in this subforum indicate, actually. The users manual, informative as it is, does not seem to offer any "quickstart" approaches to basic queries either. Its language is in fact, contrary to its seeming purpose, rather obfuscatory.

If it's the case that there aren't a handful of good FAQs about, then it is what it is. It just seems a bit....odd. ;)



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yea i could use some other resources as well. the videos are helpful but i figured out most of the basics on my own. its just the peculiarities which show up during intensive work which cause problems...and cause me to bitch in the forum about them. i think the community around samplitude is not really as robust as those around the more common daws unfortunately. but at least here the developers actually concern themselves with our needs...

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One way to start is to load up some of the template VIP's and reverse-engineer them.

Then just drop down some objects and hack away at them and try hotkeys and whatever commands to see what happens. Part of the problem sometimes is the terminology vs. paradigm, vs. German/English translation (or whatever).

Then try out different mouse modes.

Doing the otherwise basic stuff will reveal other things.

Yes, the manual has much to be desired, and the videos require fast-forwarding or whatever to find out what you want.

When I started with this crazy program there were no videos, and the manual was borderline worthless, so, if I had had any I would've played them, paused them, etc. until I got used to basic operations.

Things get crazy when you start hotkeying your way through sequential step operations that you find yourself doing a lot, like laying down markers on the fly, dropping in hotspots, moving objects to those hotspots, then setting up groups and busses, and then the take manager and take composer, and then, and then, and then...

so, keep jumpin' in and screaming at the damn thing, and some of us may hear you. ;)


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That's a remarkably kind offer, Kraznet, but I seem to be managing to put together a faster workflow. The issues that puzzle me get answered through a combination of Google searches of this forum, the user's manual, and of course your videos. Nothing really lasts long enough as a question to be worthy of a post. I'm just a bit surprised this knowledge isn't centralized. I'll bear your generous offer in mind, however, in case I run up against an area that truly mystifies me.

It's so curious. I think this is a very smart, well-designed audio app and I'm a bit surprised both at the lack of awareness of it among audio professionals and the somewhat hapless presentation of it in the marketplace and the web -- which of course is something your own work is obviously starting to change. It just seems an odd combination of extraordinary competence and curious lack of attention. But then I'm new to the show and probably should just keep my trap shut until I've absorbed all the different pieces of the puzzle.

At any rate, thanks again. <_<

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