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Swing Quantization


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I thought I'd try this here as I didn't get a response in the Software forum.

I wonder if anyone's had any experience at using the swing quantization function with Jazz?

I'm multi tracking some original tunes and want to set up some click tracks. The swing

function with Sibelius and my drum machine are too rigid to record with. I experimented

with taking a real bassist's performance and mapping the transients and making a groove

template, but it's problematical: there are many stray peaks and not all get picked up by

the Q grid; and the timing can be be very personal - I just want a regular but groovy click track.

I made a series of 4 bar MIDI strips of walking bass (I selected "8 bar MIDI track"

and the click is on the 1/4 note, but I actually have 4 bar sections!!) and set them against the click.

If I set the Q grid to 1/4 note and the Q length to anything, I get wild synchopation, whatever the swing

percentage is set to. If I choose less than that, nothing happens. Also, is there a way to

either have a longer MIDI empty section for step time input, and is there a way to have the

quantization set for all the separate strips, rather than the one selected in the MIDI editor?

I was hoping the variable swing setting + the humanizer button would do it, but I may have to go back to

using transients, in which case, can anyone answer this: is it possible to delete transients before you make

a groove template? Can you add input lines to the groove template? I found sometimes it was exactly the

transient you wanted that didn't show up. Obviously, you can move the MIDI notes around by hand.

Any advice appreciated. I notice there are lots of preset groove templates for pop music etc - I guess

Jazz is too much a backwater to find templates for it.



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I can't believe noone has responded up until now.

Did you get this sorted out?

I think if you group all the MIDI objects and go into the MIDI editor, then you can apply the desired Q across all objects.

For longer empty MIDI objects, you can either just copy them (ctrl+d), or create a loop (ctrl+l) and drag more objects across the track.

Anything else?


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