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Warning - download version activation

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I ordered Samplitude 11 download version four hours ago.

After I entered my credit card details and clicked purchase the next screen said: "No items in basket" yet my credit card was still charged $495.00

I received a password for the Magix support centre via email but no serial number or activation code for the software!

If I log into the support centre it says "enter registration code which is on the side of the box" but I don't have a box. There is no registration code in my download demo either.

The help files and support centre FAQ offers no help and the phone numbers in US and Germany are not answering for another 12 hours.

Very disappointed.

Just a warning that if you intend to purchase thinking you will be able to activate immediately don't bet on it.

I have sent emails to support and sales and am now waiting.

I have been using Samplitude for 10 years and some things never change: Samplitude programmers are top notch brilliant but sales and marketing still seems to be a disaster area in that I am out of pocket 500 bucks and can't use the software.

My two suggestions are:

1. Do not offer a download version purchase without stipulating that it is not useable until contacting support.


2. Do not charge a customer's credit card if there is something worng with the 'basket'. Card charges should be the last step of an ordering routine and if the cart is supposedly empty do not charge the card.

I am $500 bucks out of pocket and no software.

Message to marketing: This is not how ecommerce should work.

Now I will wait hopefully for an email from someone with a serial number and activation code hopefully sometime soon.

Forgive me if I am meant to be able to find a registration code somewhere in the download version. (It is not on the 'about samplitude' screen)

If anyone knows any voodoo to help me register and activate the product please post it here.

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Dear Francis,

thanks for your message.

Our sales guys are currently checking what the problem was with the transaction.

Normally it's working pretty fine and we have many customers who bought a Samplitude version that way.

I forwarded them your email address, if they cannot find the process they might ask for the credit card number you have used. They will definitely track your order, don't worry.

Can you use the version at the moment? You should be able to use the software for 30 days without registration.

We will definitely find your order and will send you a serial per email.

regards, Andre

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Thanks Andre

The order confirmation has now come through!!! Took a little longer than expected but very happy now and the info in the email has led to a successful activation!

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That was a nice story: Beginning, middle, end and nobody was permenantly hurt. Great!

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