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can't load BFD2 as a VSTi in samp

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anyone here have BFD2 working with Samplitude on WIN7 ?

i get the following error message: "failed to create VST instrument BFD2"

the BFD2.dll is in the VST folder and works in Cubase and standalone mode so the problem seems to be specific to Samplitude...

BFD is version 2.1



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An older thread but for those wondering, I got it going tonight, I had quite the time getting it to load but it does work very well. I had to clear the BFD2 database over and over and reload it a few times. Not sure why but it took a bit for it to find the plugin.

I also downloaded the newest version 2.3 "" 64 bit but since Sam isn't 64 yet, It is still 32 bit BDF2

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