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recording one track to another


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How can I recording,content of a MIDI track to another in Audio?I mean,when I have a MiDI recording,I want to recording it to another track during playback.I try to plug my monitoring amp's line-out back to my soundtrack's line-in but in this case, probmlem with hum and it will recording contents of other tracks to.I want recording only one tracks content,but I want to hear other tracks also.Why I need it?Because I'm a guitarist,and I use some VST-instruments with MIDI-guitar controller.This instruments designed for keyboard players and they can change the characteristic of the sound by keys on the left side in real time.Of course, I can not manipulate with my left hand during playing guitar.But later,possible to change characteristic in completed material.Hope,I was understandable.

Another question:some VSTi works only in standalone mode.How can I recording with them to Samplitude,when I can not loading them as a plugin.Thats all.Any tips?Best regards


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You can try freezing the track, and it should generate an audio track.

The other option is to do a mixdown (in help and manual).

Also read up on 'monitoring during playback'.

Make sure when recording that the track you're recording on is not sharing the same I/O track as the other playback tracks.


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