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VIP and Wave


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Hi Folks

I've been test editing a .wav file in the editor - I used the pencil to mofify some of the peaks.

Now that I've edited it, I can't return it to being a VIP file and continue mastering it?

I've had a look at the Kraznet/Tim's youtube stuff but couldn't see anything?


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Hi Elf ,

Did you open the wave editor from within the VIP? if so once you've finished editing in the wave editor just click on the cross at the top right of the window or go to the menu File > Close Project. When you're in the wave of editor it's worth checking whether you're in "Destructive Edit" mode or "Wave Editing" mode. Check out the bottom left and Corner from the workspace drop-down. If you're in destructive edit mode when you close the window those edits will remain. If you're in wave editing mode when you close the window you will be prompted as to whether you want to save the project. If you choose yes you will see a progress bar updating your file.

Then you can continue working in the VIP.



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If you've drag-n-dropped or opened the wav file raw, then all you need to do is:

Leave the wave edit window open.

Open a new raw VIP.

Hit enter key to tile both windows.

In wav edit window hit 'a' key to highlight all, and then just drag the wav into a VIP track.

Have fun,


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Ok, thanks to you both - worked with both methods.

All I'm doing is adding a chunk of silence just to see if the changes are being made.

To add: In both master and wave edit windows, I found the "]" function to display the grids and dB readings and it's nice to see that my test song has no peaks at all.

Thanks again

EDIT: Nice sounds Greg, but if I could be constructive and say that some of the feedback (Fragility - Gulf of Glurp) is too piercing for me to feel like I would risk listening at high volume - from the point of either sonic or relaxation shock.

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