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Clone Vst Instruments w/ Preset Settings to new track...


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Hello everyone... wondering if there is a way to clone a Vst Instrument onto a new track... currently it doesn't seem like your able to do it...

Basically I have an Instrument/VSTi like Massive and I want to clone it the way it is and create a new track with same exact settings, and then I will tweak from where I left off... But it doesn't seem like it allows you to clone vst instruments... It seems like you can only clone vst fx, by using drag and drop.

Is that correct?

Otherwise I have to go to the original vsti and save the preset inside a folder somewhere, then create a new track and load a new version of the same vsti and then go find the folder and load the preset. Its very time consuming..


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For now just save off a trackFX preset and load it on the new channel.

It's a fast setup.

You can even stack VSTis with VST effects.

Drag-n-drop copy (like ctrl+drag to new channel) doesn't usually work on VST's.


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