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Samplitude 15


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Hey guys,

I've been using Samplitude casually since '08 (got my copy cheap as an employee of one of the vendors), and have been very happy with it.

I'm to the point where i'm interested in upgrading to the current version, but that has left me with a bit of a quandry.

My version is 15, and i'm curious where it falls in the production line.

There is no mention of this version on the upgrade page of the samplitude site, and if i choose "upgrade" from within the program, it has an ad for upgrading to version 10 :blink:

Anybody know anything about Samplitude 15?

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You must be referring to Samplitude Music Studio 15, which is one of the "consumer" versions of Samplitude. At the time SMS15 came out, Samplitude 10 was the current version of the professional version of Samplitude. The current version of the consumer version is Samplitude Music Studio 2013, which was just recently released.

To learn more about the sordid history of the consumer versions of Samplitude, go here:


...or for details on the latest version, go here:


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Thanks, that makes perfect sense...

I had taken "music studio" to be a description of the function, rather than the model/version.

that then begs the question.

How far removed from the pro version, is Music Studio?

Do they share the same basic interface, with features removed? or is it a completely different experience all together?

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Yes, they share same basic interface, just some of the more advanced features are missing. But in general, it's like using the same program.

I actually ran my project studio using Music Studio for a few years before upgrading to the pro version of Samplitude. And even then, I didn't technically feel like I had to--I just wanted access to some of the more advanced features and plugins.

Another benefit is that you can get the pro versions of Samplitude at a reduced upgrade price if you own Music Studio.

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in Samplitude Music Studio one cannot use the AUX in pre fader and there is no Take Manager.

Correct, and another short-coming is that the Mixer Insert slots are post-fader, which causes problems for noise gate, compressor, and drum/sample replacement plugs. But you can work around that by putting those types of plugs in the Object Editor instead of the Mixer, which is inherently pre-fader.

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