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Guidance For Repairing A Q&A Session


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The key word here is guidance...

A have an audio file of a Q&A session (all spoken word) that is in need of repair.

I'm requesting guidance for ideas on how-to best go about this task.

Here's what I started to do...

In a VIP...imported the audio file into track #1.

Then, for the speaker's vocals only, created named ranges.

This was done in order to isolate the speaker's vocals.

All the remaining non-ranged vocals would be the participants-asking-questions.

I was planning on moving the speaker's vocals (via the ranges) to another track (i.e track #2).

And...in moving them...retain (in the new track) their respective timelines/positions from track #1.

Well..I didn't move them because:

1) I didn't know how to move all the named ranges to another track

2) And...more importantly...a realization that I might be going about this task the wrong way.

Some more info...

Pretty sure I can fix the speaker's vocals with some global EQ adjustments:

1) cut the low-end

2) add some presence & high-end.

But..the participants-asking-questions are the real problem:

1) Some are loud & boomy.

2) Some are so quiet that you can hardly hear them.

3) etc...

So...their fixes must be individualized.

Then...after all vocals are fixed....globally apply hiss-reduction & some normalization.

End result....understandable vocals with a consistent volume.

I know there are probably many ways to go about this.

And...some of you could do this fix in no time at all.

Well...it's definitely going to take me a few days to accomplish.

Now...for some guidance...please.

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Good question. Here is what I would do. Up top is an icon to lock objects in the timeline. Click this "on". Next hold the control key while clicking on the audience objects to select them. Once they are all selected drag and drop them to a new track. Next I would start processing these at the object level. I would get set snapshots/presets for four zones or starting points. For example someone who is loud and may have plosives a preset with HPF, compressor and EQ. Next would be a preset for close but not as loud and no plosives. Maybe just compress and EQ. ETC. Now when you listen to each object pick the preset that is closest to your needs and tidy it up from there. After you get those all consistent finish up processing at the track level.

Hope this helps.


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you talked about ranges ...

are you aware, that you can make "objects" from the imported file?

you can use your already created ranges for that: choose range, press T (or maybe S, don't know if the english version of samp has different keys for that) and the range is cut on both sides into an object.

then make yourself familiar with what you can do with objects: you can group them like you want and need, move them to another track as group ...

every object or group of objects can have its own effectschain, auxsend etc.

this is before the trackeffects/mixer in signalrouting.

this way you should be able to complete your task pretty elegant.

for testing, make yourself a copy of your vip, where you can mess around a little, to get to know the possibilities.

have fun,


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