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DSP % versus actual CPU usage?


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20 minutes ago, Bob Olhsson said:

DSP is all math. The only meaningful specification for DAW performance is the number of floating-point calculations per second available in real time. Core count and processor speed are not meaningful other than for rendering/bounce speed. Hopefully at some point people will start testing and publishing DSP calculation speed rather than rendering/bounce speed.

Hi Bob. 

Could you expand your thought? 

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11 hours ago, Bob Olhsson said:

It's simply that the important numbers for what we do never seem to get published. 

Take a look at https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/pc-benchmark-tests




Thanks for article. I know dawbench and used many times their SGA 1156 test on my computers. Very usefull :)

From my experience overall  architecture of CPU (cache speed and amount, internal cache latency) and pure single core performance is a key factor for perfomance in small asio buffers.   On my previous CPU I could not work on advanced mix nor arrangement in Hybrid Engine with 128 Asio buffers. Now on 5900X I'm able to mix and arrange all the time on 128 buffer with no glitches and lost asio buffers. There was only CPU change.  There was around 50% IPC difference between old and new CPU per Core.   Low internal latencies, big cache did a job.  

This was also good site with benchmarks. But unfortunately they stoped on Intel 10gen and Ryzen 3000 


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Yep, with every current  geneneration we get around +15-20% IPC increase (in general INT, FP etc). So, if someone change CPU after 5 generations will probably have 50 - 80% IPC boost per core. Which is very reasonable result worth spend money, and quite significant performance boost. As in my case. Will see what brings nearest years. New AMD Zen 3+, 4, 5, Intel Alder Lake and next generations. For me 5900X is enough for everything at this monent. 

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On 6/6/2021 at 12:15 AM, Bob Olhsson said:

Everything seems to have stopped over the past year which is not surprising.

All things being equal, single core speed is a good indicator. What isn't equal are different generations of CPUs with varying floating-point performance.

Are AMD processors fully compatible nowadays with audio interfaces and daws ?
Also Lukas if you know the answer,

It seems to have been an issue in the past and I can't find if it's still the case, even though AMD proc seem 30% more powerfull in the mainstream of the line of products of processors

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I tried Audiogridder, seems to work but the VSTs does not load correctly into the Audiogridder frame, instead I have duplicates, offset Windows, my Desktop is shown inside the Audiogridder Window, my mouse jumps all over the screen. What version of Audiogridder works? I tried both 1.1 and 1.2 beta. Anyone with the same experience?


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