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totally and utterly OT: Forum and FB looking blurry in Google Chrome

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This forum and facebook are looking really blurry in Google Chrome all of a sudden. Chrome is installed on several computers here, this is the only one with that problem. Googled, but couldn´t find anything on the subject. Settings in Chrome are all same as on the other computers. All other settings in windows 7 also the same. Could there be some shortcut that I may have accidentally hit which is causing that?

Screenshot is added.

It´s not that important, it´s just getting on my nerves, that´s all... ph34r.png

If anyone has any idea I´d be really happy for today.




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Matt, I think this stems from a change Microsoft made to font rendering some time ago. I used to disable "Clear Type" and "font smoothing" because, ironically, they made things look blurry to me. (A Google search showed I wasn't alone.) Then when some websites started complying with the new rendering standard I was forced to turn Clear Type back on. I've actually gotten used to it, but it took awhile.

You might want to try playing with the settings for Clear Type and font smoothing in Windows, and font smoothing in Chrome. If you turn off Clear Type, some sites in Chrome may look less blurry but others may develop ragged looking fonts that are very difficult to read. At least that was my experience.



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