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How to split an object on another track using selected range?

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I have an OMF with objects in a track. I also have the reference movie and its audio track all lined up.

For a streamlined workflow i would like to:

  1. Select an object
  2. Transfer its range to the timeline range.
  3. Split the reference audio with a keystroke
  4. Mute the newly created object

1,2, and 4 i can handle. But the reference audio will not split.



You can see the range at the top based on the object below. Even selecting the top track and using the split command does nothing. If I just use the cursor to split it, it works fine. I will be most happy to hear that this is human error.

Thanks in advance-


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You have to transfer the range to the selected track. Double click in the range at the top and the range is over the selected track. Double click again and it is over all tracks. Maybe there is even a key command. I have one key command to create a range over all selected objects. Look under modifiy range.


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