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It can't be done


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I just worked on one of those orchestra-plays-score live-to-film (with dialog / singing off film) concerts. It's a famous film and stage musical. In pre production, some years ago, the only recoverable master was a mono mix of music and dialog. Over 2 years, apparently, the voices were chiseled out of the music in Sonic Solutions with what I can only imagine was a combo of filtering and spectral editing. If you had previously asked me if that could be done I would of said no way. And yet, it was. Sure it sounded like sonic garbage sometimes, but with a lot of eq and filtering and covered by the live score and with the era of the film, it got over the line, surprisingly well. So I will check myself next time I feel an automatic No coming in answer to a technical question. Of course, having a huge budget can help.....

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