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How to delete a VSTi, once it's in a project?


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I'm gonna issue a blanket apology for all the upcoming stupid questions and going to stay faithfully in the newcomer forum for the foreseeable future. Sorry gang.

So I've loaded a VSTi up in a track that I later decided against and can't for the life of me figure out how to have it go away. It's one that I no longer have registered and now whenever I load the project, there's a message saying that the vsti couldn't load. In this case, it's sampletank.

It won't even let me delete the track.

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If I had a nickle for every time I clicked on that arrow, lol.

It's really frustration. I've also accidentally started 2 instances on one track. It shows up like "2:B4" or similiar and you can't delete the 2nd instance.

Has there been a resolution that anyone knows of?

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one great place to look for solutions in samplitude are the "managers".

there's the trackmanager, objectmanager, markermanager, takemanager, ... and also a vsti-manager.

try to open it and see if you can delete the vsti from there.

if the project is still stuck with that particular vsti, open a new project and put it side by side with the old one (you can have several projects open at the same time).

then copy a track and paste it in the new project, do so with all tracks except the "bad one".

if you need the mididata from this track, you can just copy the midiobjects onto a new track in the new project.

this way you can rebuild projects that have gone "mad".

hope that helps.

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